Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Surgery Date...

March 22, 2010. (This is, of course, dependent upon Chrissie's health.)

Please continue to be in prayer for Chrissie. She's just miserable right now. She had a fever of 104 in the night, but it came down with Tylenol and is hanging out around 100-101 now. Chrissie's struggling with this horrible cough that just doesn't want to go away no matter what we do. If this were one of my healthy kids with this virus, I would be worried, but with Chrissie's suppressed immune system, heart and lung problems, it's really hard to sit back and watch this. I'm not used to caring for a sick heart patient whose normal resting oxygen sats are in the 70's, so I'm learning as we go. Not easy.

Thank you for praying; that's what we need most. And some good sleep! :-)

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natali said...

Praying for restoration of Chrissie's health and for peace of mind for you!

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