Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Chrissie 2/22, 8PM

I took Chrissie to our pediatrician this afternoon after a medical-field friend encouraged me to beg for an appointment today since her breathing seemed labored.  The pediatrician gave her a nebulizer breathing treatment, and Chrissie's breathing improved.  He said her breaths were very short as he listened to her breathe with his stethoscope, but they got deeper within seconds of the breathing treatment.  He let us borrow a nebulizer machine, and we got a presciption for Xoponex (Levalbuterol) with instructions to give the breathing treatments every 4 hours as needed.  He also instructed me to call 911 for an EMS ride to the ER if Chrissie isn't able to breathe well at any time because the EMT can give her oxygen on the way to the hospital.  Our pediatrician isn't sure of the source of the respiratory issues and fever, but he said he's seen a lot of RSV and flu right now.  She could have picked up either at the hospital Saturday when she went in for her pre-op visit.  If her fever gets to 102 or higher, he wants to treat her with Tamiflu.  RSV doesn't have any treatments, other than using the nebulizer (and hospitalization if it gets severe), so we just have to wait it out.

Please pray for Chrissie's health.  Pray that her cough and fever will go away, and that she won't have any breathing issues.  It's really hard for a child with a resting oxygen sat of 75% to have any type of respiratory issue.  Thank you!


Connie said...

We will pray. Bless her little heart...and lungs...and lymphatic system....

Amy said...

Poor sweet angel! I am praying for her! Love you guys! Amy

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