Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Video of Our Family’s Adoption Testimony

I am so grateful to have this video/photo montage of our family’s testimony.  A very talented young man named Adam created this for our family, and I think he did a fabulous job.  I was able to use this video during my session speaking to the MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) group last Friday.  Feel free to leave a comment for Adam to let him know what an awesome job he did!  Thank you, Adam!!!


PS  Thank you for praying for my health last week.  I got on an antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection last Thursday, and, praise God, I was able to speak to the MOPS group Friday morning.  Although my voice was raspy and not pretty, I didn’t cough once during my session!  Praise Him!


PPS  Conner will have an endoscopy tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.  His gastroenterologist is trying to help us cure Conner’s horrible reflux/vomiting.  This will be Conner’s first time under anesthesia, so please pray for him to not have any complications, and if there’s an anatomical reason for Conner’s reflux, that this test will reveal it.  Thanks!

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