Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It’s Nacho Nacho!



What?  Don’t act like you’ve never used your head as a plate!



My Velcro hair comes in super handy for things like…oh…sticking nachos in it to save for later!



Seriously, you’ve never tried it?  Well, you should!  And you should say, “It’s NACHO nacho!” when someone tries to remove the nacho from your hair.  It works every time!


Selah Updates:

  • Selah turns two October 1!!!
  • She still has a major sleep disorder that hasn’t been resolved.
  • Her sleep study results appointment was postponed until September 28.
  • She has an appointment with her neurosurgeon and her reconstructive surgeon this Thursday to discuss the lack of space her brain has within her skull cavity.  Still praying she won’t need phase 2 of her skull reconstruction process.
  • She has a neurology appointment in November to discuss her brain’s inability to regulate—or turn off—ever.  We’re in some serious need of help in this department, for Selah’s safety and everyone’s sanity.  Never ever ever have I been around a child like Selah, and I’ve been around a lot of kids!  (I worked at a day care in high school, babysat my way through college, worked in church nurseries, and taught public Pre-K for three years.)  No one compares.  Not even remotely.  When I say Selah’s always on the go, it doesn’t even begin to describe what I really mean.  NEVER.  Sits.  Still.  EVER.  But that’s not even the biggest problem.  It’s that Selah’s just not safe.  Her brain lacks the ability to do several things, one of which is to put two and two together to realize she’s not safe.  She has major fits where she bangs her head violently.  We’re navigating through this, realizing we’ve got to get Selah more help.
  • She started private occupational therapy for multiple sensory issues.
  • She’s such an amazing blessing to our family.  We couldn’t be more grateful for this bundle of energy.  And attitude.  And love.  And joy.
  • Selah thinks the vocabulary word for “picture” (as in a framed photo) is “Chrissie.”  We have tons of framed photos of Chrissie around our home so that all of our children will '”know” their sister in heaven, whether they met her on earth or not.  (see photos below)  Selah hasn’t yet made the connection that Chrissie is a beautiful brown-eyed girl, her sister, who lives in heaven.  To Selah, the word “Chrissie” simply means “framed photo of anything or anyone”.  Selah will point to a framed photo of anything and proudly say, “CHRISSIE!”  Breaks my heart and makes me laugh simultaneously.
  • Love me some Selah!

photo 1

photo 2


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