Friday, September 7, 2012

Conner’s Still in the Hospital

Counting it all joy.  God knows I need more and more practice at living this out.  His plans are far greater than anything I can fathom.  While I might find it inconvenient to leave 10 family members behind while I rush out the door to drive an hour to the ER as my son suffers with a fever of 104, which rises to 105 while in the ER, with meds already in his system, our Father knows what He’s doing.  My eyes are blind to His greater plan.  I simply live moment by moment, trusting Him wholeheartedly, regardless of what the day by day looks like.


I’ve had many children with fevers of 104 and higher, but none of them have ever had Salmonella sepsis (blood infection).  I’ve also never had a doctor tell me to take my child straight to the ER due to a 104 fever, so Conner’s case is new for me.  But I know God never makes mistakes, and His plans are always better than mine.


I had to laugh on the day I wrote a blog post about balancing.  Someone contacted me and said something about how I’d be able to get things balanced much more easily if I could stay out of the hospital!  So true, so true, but it reminded me that many of the things I’d like to accomplish have no eternal purpose.  God has eternal purpose with many of these unexpected hospitalizations.  Believe it or not, many of these “inconveniences” are how God uses the testimony He’s written for our family to open other people’s eyes to the plight of the orphan.  Conner steals the heart of just about every person who provides care for him while he’s hospitalized.  This little non-verbal child can say more with his sweet face and expressive eyes than many of us can with words!   That, my friends, has eternal purpose, while organizing my home doesn’t really have everlasting value.  Not to say that organization and cleanliness aren’t important, as I believe they are, it’s just His plan trumps my desire, and His plan always has a greater value, usually with eternal significance, while my plans usually just involve the here and now.


Conner is doing much better than expected.  So far, none of the cultures (stool and blood) are indicative of Salmonella or any other bacteria, which is fantastic.  Conner’s labs indicate this is simply a viral infection that presented with extremely high fever.  Conner’s been fever-free for more than 24 hours, with no medications needed to control temp.  He has horrendous diarrhea, a yucky wet cough, and lots of congestion.  Conner’s diarrhea is no longer bloody, just really watery stools that occur really often.  He vomited Thursday night, but that’s probably just part of the virus.


As long as he continues to move in the right direction, and none of his labs and/or cultures show anything concerning, Conner should be able to go home sometime Friday.  Thank you so much for praying—hopefully I’ll have a post soon that says Conner’s mission in the hospital has been accomplished and he’s on his way home!!!


PS  You know you’ve had too many hospital stays when your laptop has multiple room numbers stored in its memory when logging in to the hospital’s wireless Internet.

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