Friday, September 14, 2012

Protection from the Pistol

Please pray for our friends, The Blocks, missionaries in Guatemala.  They’re the ones starting up the new Village of Hope—Guatemala, a village that will bring faith, future, and family to special needs orphans. 


Yesterday, in broad daylight, their family was robbed at gun point.  A pistol was held to the head of Amy and Todd, while their children screamed from the back seat of their vehicle, just minutes from Village of Hope.  You can click HERE to read about what happened.


I want to do more for Village of Hope.  God continues to lay VOH on my heart so heavily, not just because I’m friends with The Blocks, but because they represent His heart so passionately to the world.  They care about the things He cares about.  Their hearts are broken for what breaks His.  They are serving boldly and selflessly, and while their lives were at great risk yesterday, what they care about more than their lives is the future of others, sharing the Savior with the ones who did this, caring about funds stolen from Village of Hope—not their own lives, nor their own belongings.


That, my friends, is beautiful.  I feel so very privileged to know The Blocks in real life, but I feel even more blessed to continuously see them living real life for Jesus, even if they’re in another country.


If you would please lift the Block family and Village of Hope up in prayer, I would be most grateful.  If God lays something on your heart of what we can do to help them, please let me know.  I know they need a security wall around the village, a security gate, security guards, etc.  If you feel led to help with that, let me know as well, or go HERE and donate (just make sure you note that it’s for VOH).


Join me in praising God for His protection from that pistol, and ask Him to restore all that was stolen, which was more than material goods and finances.  God is in the redemption business, He is able to remove those images from the minds of the children (and Amy and Todd), and He is able to heal. Thanks so much for praying!

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