Friday, September 28, 2012


Whew, it’s been a busy week.  Thank God it’s Friday! 


Selah has her follow up appointment with her sleep specialist today.  I’m looking forward to discussing everything with him, but I have a feeling we’re not going to receive a lot of insight.  Selah’s neurosurgeon already looked up the results of the sleep study, and he told us they were normal.  This is good, in a way, because it means Selah’s not having sleep apnea.  However, the EEG  still hasn’t been read.  This will tell us if Selah is having any seizure activity during her sleep.


Selah has actually slept fairly well this week—way better than her normal.  She’s taken a nap almost every day this week (VERY unusual), and she’s slept at night for at least 7 hours (again this is highly unusual for Selah).  We’re praising God for this blessed sleep.  I’m hoping Selah’s shunt isn’t beginning to fail.  One of the symptoms of shunt failure is that the child gets sleepier than usual.  Selah doesn’t have any other symptoms of shunt failure though, so I’m guessing everything’s fine. 


I also thought perhaps she’s going through a growth spurt.  Selah will turn two on Monday (can’t believe that!), so maybe she’s sleeping more because of rapid growth.


Or perhaps Selah’s sleep has begun to improve and will hopefully continue to improve as the plates and screws in her skull dissolve.  I’ve read that some people can have allergic reactions to these plates and screws, but they would have to have the ability to verbally express the bothersome symptoms in order for anyone to know.  Selah still doesn’t verbalize her feelings, so we wouldn’t know if the plates and screws bother her.  Everything is dissolving right now (as it’s supposed to), the lumps on her skull are lessening, and perhaps once all of the plates and screws are dissolved, Selah will begin to sleep like a dream. :-)


Or perhaps God is healing Selah’s sleep disorder, which would be the most fabulous answer to prayer!


Conner did fabulous with his sedated endoscopy.  He didn’t even fuss or cry when coming out of general anesthesia, which is a first out of all of my kiddos!  The scope didn’t show any anatomical reasons for Conner’s severe reflux and vomiting, but the gastroenterologist took biopsies to check for a number of abnormalities/conditions.  The biopsy results won’t be back for 1-2 weeks, but once those are back, Dr. Zwiener will devise a plan.  Conner had this terrible reflux in Ukraine, too.  Now that Conner has more food in his belly, we see a lot more food coming back up.  He usually spits up and/or vomits anywhere from 20-30 times per day.  It doesn’t seem to bother him much, but we have to wonder if Conner would grow better if he held down all of his food and nutrition.


I’ve been sewing costumes all week for an interpretive dance/drama performance that our girls will be in this Sunday at our church.  Mattie (our 14-year-old biological daughter) is in charge of this project, from choreographing, to costumes, to leading practices and rehearsals.  I’m looking forward to seeing the big performance Sunday!


Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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