Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Cooper Goodness


“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.”  ~Bennett Cerf

Cooper’s laughter is great medicine for all of us!

Praise God for Cooper’s laugh.  What an inspiration!  (Video above)


Cooper standing for the first time in his life.

The video above shows Cooper standing somewhat independently for the first time in his life, using our coffee table for support.


Cooper’s casts were removed May 30, 2012, after nine weeks of castings to repair his severe club feet.  Cooper now has to learn how to use his legs.  While this will require much therapy, we are praising God that Cooper is already learning to stand on his own.  He still has to hang on to something, but this is HUGE progress because Cooper has never stood at all in his life of almost seven years.  What a victory to celebrate!!!  Our God is able!



Since Cooper’s cast removal, he’s been very resistant to using his legs at all.  He doesn’t even want to crawl, which he did well when he was casted.  He’s almost acting paraplegic, like he has no ability whatsoever to move or use his legs in any way. 


So every morning we do therapy with Mom, trying to teach Cooper that he CAN use his legs.


By the end of each day, Cooper has stood many times with assistance, but so far, he’s not been very fond of this new skill, and is still very resistant to using his legs. 


Cooper’s legs have very little muscle from his knee to his ankles, but those little bird legs are getting stronger daily.


Both Cooper and Conner have evaluations today for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/feeding therapy.  God has big plans for these boys.  Now that they’ve been home three months and have gotten more accustomed to family life, we’re venturing out of our home to seek therapies that both boys are desperately in need of.


Can’t wait to see further healing and miracles with both Cooper and Conner.  Praising the One who has made all of this possible!

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