Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hope Is…

I woke this morning singing,”My HOPE is in you, Lord, all the day long…”.








And then it became my conscious prayer.


I pray for YOU to help make HOPE a REALITY for many around the world who do not yet know the HOPE that is offered through our Savior.  Our efforts to reach out and serve, love, educate, and help the least of these is the tangible HOPE on earth is translated into eternal HOPE in Jesus Christ.


Project HOPEful offers tangible HOPE in countless ways, in the US and around the world.  They are an incredible non-profit organization run completely by volunteers.  They are credible and of utmost integrity.  All funds they receive are accounted for and used to spread HOPE to those who need it most.  Unfortunately, funds are required to spread HOPE in tangible ways.  These funds are not for the volunteer staff, the funds are for the people who need HOPE most, from unborn babies, to pregnant moms, to starving people of all ages, to sick people of all ages, to next door neighbors, to people halfway across the world.  Project HOPEful is serving, educating, helping, and loving BIG, and we have an opportunity to get behind them and watch what God does if they are awarded a $50,000 grant.


Here’s what my precious friend Carolyn Twietmeyer, founder and director of Project Hopeful, said on her Facebook status update today:

WHY VOTE AND SHARE FOR 6 MORE DAYS!!?? This $50,000. grant will go toward our existing programs, for helping moms with HIV keep their children and live (currently in Ethiopia and heading to Uganda)! To help us RAISE UP A VILLAGE OF HOPE where their HOPE was slim and spread our HOPE+ to mothers there too! It will help us further educate families deciding to adopt some of the worlds most overlooked ...children for adoption...AND help us to continue to slay STIGMA and spread TRUTH to prevent the isolation and pain needlessly hurting people with HIV and other special needs and considerations! We plan to share what we do with these funds and why we do it! Join the party! Whats MORE awesome is that we are inviting you on the journey to see what God CAN AND WILL DO with $50,000. for the families and children we serve!! Because we have seen what HE can do with $5 BUCKS and our simple YES....We cannot WAIT to see what He does with THIS!!! We want YOU to see the MIRACULOUS that we have witnessed for the last 5.5 years!!


Project HOPEful began as a ministry to help HIV+ orphans.  In the last five years, God has done amazing things.  Recently, Project Hopeful has expanded their mission to help all special needs/waiting children, as well as developing programs to help countless desperate HIV+ moms.

Click HERE to vote for Project HOPEful!

scroll to find Project Hopeful in the list—”advocating for waiting children”



Village of Hope Guatemala is a mission of Project Hopeful and Lifesong for Orphans that will directly benefit if Project Hopeful wins the $50,000 grant!!!  I encourage you to “like” Village of Hope on Facebook by clicking HERE.  I’m personal friends with the missionaries who are on the ground in Guatemala working round-the-clock to get Village of Hope up and running.  It is a mission of integrity, truth, love, sweat, and tears—JESUS. 



Here are some photos of the VOH (Village of Hope) property in Guatemala, a place where international adoption is closed (not an option), yet there are countless lives in need of help, HOPE.



As you can see, there’s LOTS of work to be done to make this mission happen, but with many hands, the work load becomes light. I am planning to take two of our children to VOH in August to help them with the ground work. (BTW, if anyone has frequent flier miles they’d like to donate to us, email me at BossYourHeart (at) gmail (dot) com. :-)




I love this photo of the staff and volunteers praying over the VOH property.  This is what will be the tangible HOPE for the hopeless.  This is what will translate to eternal HOPE through Jesus Christ.


Be sure to vote HERE for Project Hopeful so the $50,000 grant can help offer HOPE to the hopeless in Guatemala!!!


And if God leads you to support Village of Hope, you may give your tax-deductible donation by clicking HERE.  100% of your donation will go to Village of Hope.  You may give a one-time donation or get set up for an ongoing donation.  Any amount will help bring HOPE to those who need it most in Guatemala.

“And now, Lord, what do I wait for?  My hope is in You.”

~Psalm 39:7 (NKJV)

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