Friday, June 22, 2012

Hospital, Home, Hope, and…Cheeseburgers

Matt had his gallbladder removed Wednesday afternoon (praise God) following the official diagnosis that his gallbladder was not longer working.  We’re delighted that Matt was able to come home from the hospital Thursday, and he’s doing great.  He’s tender where the incisions are (there are 4 incisions—it was laparoscopic surgery), and he’s uncomfortable from all the CO2 they blew into his stomach to pump it up in order to get all the cameras and instruments in.  But he’s SOOOOO glad to be HOME and to have his gallbladder out.  He’s been able to eat without any pain, which is a huge praise.  Thank you all for praying.


Will you please do me favor?  Read the message below from my friend Amy (this was taken from her blog) and then GO VOTE!!!!!!

One of our amazing partners here at Village of Hope has the opportunity to win $50,000 to help special needs children all over the world- even here in Guatemala!

They have just a week left to vote and are currently in 1st place but the competition is gaining on them quickly.

Would you PLEASE take a second to vote for PROJECT HOPEFUL today and for the rest of the week? It's an EASY way to give without it costing you anything!!!
Simply go here: scroll down and find Project Hopeful and VOTE. THANK YOU!


And now, for some viewing enjoyment, Kiefer singing the cheeseburger song from Veggie Tales:

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