Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Little Fishies

You guys have got to watch this video of Conner swimming in our pool.  I am completely blown away by how far this sweet boy has come in just three months.  He went from spending the first six years of his life confined to a crib 24/7 without any attention or affection to a family with tons of lovin’, good nutrition, and many life experiences. 


Conner used to be completely overwhelmed by everything this new life had to offer him, outside his orphanage walls.  The sounds were too much.  The touch was too much.  The toys were too much.  The food was too much.  The attention was too much.  The love was too much.


Now?  Conner has been REDEEMED!  Just look at this boy swimming in our pool.  Utter amazement.  Yes, it is true, with God, all things truly are possible.


photo 2


photo 1

Cooper is really struggling with how to use his legs.  After six years of never standing or using his legs the way God intended, he has completely disconnected that he even has legs.  Now that Cooper’s bilateral club feet are repaired, it’s time for Cooper to start using his legs and building muscle and strength. 


You might have noticed the screaming/squawking/crying in the background of the video of Conner swimming.  That would be Cooper.  We’re doing water therapy with him to encourage him to use his legs.  He’s now standing on the ledges/seats in the hot tub, as well as the big pool.  This is a HUGE accomplishment for him!


I don’t know if you can see it, but in the photo below, Cooper is wailing.  While he completely LOVES the water, he does not like having to use his legs in the water (in terms of kicking and figuring out where his legs are, using his legs for balance, etc.)  Cooper had been acting like his legs were completely paralyzed, but we’ve encouraged him to use his legs in the water.  He’s starting to figure it out, but he’s not happy about it.  One day, when he is able to walk and run, he’ll sure be happy his family pushed him to use the body God blessed him with!

photo 3


Our little turtles all lined up overlooking the waterfall edge of the pool.  They all look so similarly sized, it’s hard to believe the youngest in this photo is 20 months and the oldest is 7 years.  From left to right:  Ella (age 7), Cooper (age 7), Kiefer (age 4), Conner (age 6), Selah (age 20 months).


We praise God for these precious blessings, and we thank him for the blessing of our pool, particularly when it’s 102 degrees outside!  So grateful everyone loves the water, too, because that’s where most of our time is spent each day.  Keep Cooper in your prayers, for him to use his legs the way God intended.  We know he can and will, he just needs to believe instead of doubting and fearing.  I bet this time next summer, Cooper will be running and jumping into the pool all by himself!

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