Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selah's Blood Draw Today Around Noon...Pray Please

If you recall Selah's last hospitalization (March 2011), you might remember how extremely hard it was for them to get anything into Selah's veins.  Blood draws were impossible.  After being stuck numerous times when trying to start another IV for Selah (after her original IV went bad), they called in the PICC team.  The PICC team used their ultrasound technique to actually view the veins, and, even with specialized viewing, the PICC team was still unable to get into Selah's vein, numerous times.

So, after many pokes, many screams, many tears, and much frustration back in March 2010, the nurse decided to call in the big dogs.  They brought in the anesthesiology team, and after just two pokes, they were successful.

Fast forward to today, and Selah must get blood drawn for her pre-op lab work.  They were going to do it at a local lab, which fell through.  The children's hospital called me yesterday, and they made arrangements for the anesthesia team to draw Selah's blood sometime around 12Noon today.  I was SO VERY GRATEFUL for the accommodations and graciousness of the hospital.  God must have sent a little birdy to some very kind person at the hospital who knew that it was important for Selah to have an anesthesiologist draw her blood. 

The down-side to this is that the anesthesiologist requested that Selah have nothing by mouth after 6AM, just in case he needs to sedate her in order to get the blood he needs.  (They must get whole blood, and I'm assuming it's quite a bit of it since the anesthesiologist is having us prepare for sedation.)  He asked that we try our best to hydrate Selah as much as possible, so we've been giving her Pedialyte unflavored water with her bottles, with hopes of hydrating Selah as much as we possibly can.  I actually don't think the hydration was an issue back in March, I think it had more to do with how chubby Selah is, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate your prayers for the anesthesiologist to be able to see Selah promptly upon our arrival, and for him to be able to successfully draw the required amount of blood (on the first try) without having to sedate Selah.  And pray for Selah to not feel hungry until after she's able to eat/drink (after her blood draw).

Thank you so much!

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