Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selah is in OR now

Selah's posterior cranial vault reconstruction is today. They took her into the operating room at 7:30am, and the surgery is expected to last 5-7 hours. Dr. Harshbarger is the reconstructive surgeon and Dr. George is the neurosurgeon.

Selah will have the back portion of her head/skull totally reconstructed today, as it is a necessary procedure in order for her brain to continue to grow and develop correctly.

The procedure involves an incision from ear to ear, peeling her scalp away from her skull, shaving away extra bone/ridge, cutting the existing skull into smaller pieces (like a jigsaw puzzle), then holding everything in place (in the correct/round shape that skulls are supposed to have) using plates and screws that will dissolve over a year's time.

Dr. George will be protecting Selah's brain and VP shunt throughout the surgery, so he'll be playing the role of her "skull" for several hours today, which is a vital role in the successful outcome of this surgery.

Please pray for no complications (during surgery as well as post-op). Pray for God to guide the hands of everyone working on Selah. Pray for a successful surgery, quick healing, and comfort for Selah. Pray for us (our kids, too) to have His peace that surpasses all understanding. We trust the Great Physician, regardless of earthly fears that are heightened because of Chrissie's journey to heaven.

We are grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you!

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