Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New plan

Dr. George (neurosurgeon) came by and wants to get a CT scan of Selah's head so he can check on her shunt placement. He's being proactive and wanting to make sure the shunt is still in the ventricle (where it should be) and to make sure the ventricle is of acceptable size (meaning the shunt isn't overdraining).

God blessed us with an amazing nurse, from Israel, who is so compassionate and assertive enough to advocate well for her patients.

Originally the plan was to extubate Selah between 9-10am, but then Dr. George ordered the CT scan. They had removed Selah's auto-drip IV pain meds and pulled the order for Versed since they were wanting to have Selah awake and more active to clear he mr lungs once extubated.

Well, when the nurse saw the CT order, she advocated for Selah to have more Versed to keep her calm in the CT, which is awesome because Selah was having a big fit, thrashing her legs and getting really angry about less pain meds and less happy juice while having a tube still in her throat.

So, now the plan is to keep her intubated for the CT with Versed for relaxation, then extubate after the CT scan.

Whew! Thanking God for our awesome nurse today!

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