Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Selah is a feisty little girl who is following in the warrior princess footsteps of her big sissie in heaven. Even with tons of great meds, Selah tried to hit the respiratory therapist, she's tried to pull out her breathing tube several times, and she gets fighting mad when anyone (other than Mom or Dad) comes near her. Doesn't that remind you of Princess Chrissie?!?!

The doctors are working on figuring out meds for Selah. Her blood pressure has been dropping too low with Versed (a med that majorly chills people out). They've suctioned quite a bit of "gook" out of her lungs, and they're working slowly toward extubating, bit she has quite a bit further to go before they can accomplish pulling her breathing tube.

Selah also doesn't have a lot of urine output, so they're investigating that. They flushed her catheter, but so far that hasn't helped.

She seems more stable and comfortable than a few hours ago. Or maybe I'm used to things now.

When we first came into Selah's ICU room and the RT started suctioning the breathing tube and Selah was coughing and coughing and there was a flurry of activity, Matt and I felt so sick. We both just stared, almost paralyzed by the memories.

Then I felt defensive, wanting to speak up for those who cannot defend themselves. I wasn't familiar with any of the doctors, nurses, or the respiratory therapist, so my flesh wanted to jump up and defend Selah. I didn't even have a reason other than my unfamiliarity with the team and my momma bear spirit wanting to jump in and make everything calm down. Wow, we haven't been in that same type of intubation scare since we stayed by Chrissie's side, fighting for her. I really dislike breathing tubes. Well, I dislike seeing my children intubated, helpless, realizing how fragile life really is.

I truly felt the precious peace of our Savior after my initial panic. Peace swept over me like a river, a flood really. Thank you, Jesus!

I've only had about 3 hours of sleep since Monday, so I'm exhausted. I feel so very grateful to lean on the One who never slumbers, as I'm held up by the prayer warriors He's placed on our team. Thank you!

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