Sunday, August 7, 2011

Always Something

Thursday morning we took Vlad and Dima to the airport for their flight back to Ukraine. Dima woke with a stomach ache and severe ear pain, so I spent the morning getting him antibiotics for an ear infection. The last thing I wanted was for Dima to have to return to Ukraine with severe ear pain and no medicine.

On the way to the airport, amidst our crazy antibiotic chase, Vlad starts yelling for us to stop. Within seconds of Vlad's warning, Dima vomited everywhere. Projectile. I scrambled for rags, while gagging, since that's what I do when I see/hear/smell vomit, only to find one of Selah's burp rags, which, in case you didn't know, is not designed for 6-year-olds. Burp rags are small because babies are small. Nuff said.

I had Vlad and Dima dressed in matching UT shirts that said, "Property of Texas", but those were ruined in the vomiting episode. I was able to pull an outfit out of the suitcase for Dima, but I couldn't reach one for Vlad, as I had vacuum packed their clothing into the bag. So, while I was picking up the antibiotic at Walgreen's, I purchased Vlad an adult size small shirt (since they didn't have any youth shirts). Anyway, we arrived at the airport in time, praise God, and we said our goodbyes. The boys held up well. Vlad reassured us that they'd be fine, and they'd be waiting for us. Sad times.

Thursday evening, we left for Colorado to attend a family camp at Horn Creek, specifically for adoptive families. Five of our kids were able to attend for FREE since they were adopted within the past year. Still blows my mind that God brought us 5 kids in 2010!

So, we're now at family camp, where I don't have Internet, so not sure how often I'll get to update. (I'm using my phone now to write this post, which is a little challenging. Please forgive the typos and auto-correct errors!)

Please pray for us as we've gotten off to a rough start. Kiefer has had fever with vomiting, Matt has severe altitude sickness, Selah's been super FUSSY, Meribeth has a severe cold/cough, Mattie had had several asthma attacks with severe coughing spells, and I've had some severe allergies with a horrible cough and congestion. I took a Zyrtec last night, which ended up putting me in a MAJOR fog for the entire day today. I seriously stayed in bed ASLEEP all day, while trying to muster up the strength to check on Matt and Kiefer (we're in separate cabins), while also trying to make sure Selah was taken care of. Ugh. Thank God for our older kids who were SO helpful today with taking care of everyone and everything!

I had to laugh when I was told by another mom that Kiefer wandered out of his cabin today when he was supposed to be asleep with Matt. His fever had gone down with the Helpnof Motrin, so Kiefer decided to go check things out in just a diaper! (He sleeps in a diaper, but he's potty trained during hours that he's awake.) Kiefer decided he needed to pee, so he just pulled down his diaper and peed outside where all the kids were playing at the camp! Thankfully, some of our kids discovered him and ran to the rescue!

It's always something. Nothing like giving large adoptive families a good name by demonstrating all of the positive things right off the bat, huh?!?! :-)

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