Thursday, August 25, 2011

Selah did great

Thank you all for praying for Selah's blood draw today. I feel overwhelmed with gratefulness at how God arranged things regarding this required pre-op blood draw.

Selah is an EXTREMELY hard stick, as I've mentioned before. I've had kids that are hard sticks, meaning after 4-5 sticks, they finally get blood. Selah is different. After 10-12 sticks, lots of digging around under the skin (ouch!), and even under ultrasound, they still aren't successful!

Selah was originally supposed to have her blood drawn Tuesday at a local lab in the medical building adjacent to the hospital. (You might have seen my Facebook prayer request.) That fell through because of a silly bracelet/wristband issue (it wasn't waterproof and they said Selah couldn't get it wet...a WEEK before her surgery). So, that lab told us to come back Monday, the day before her surgery.

Well, the hospital called Wednesday to schedule Selah's pre-op blood draw. What?!?! I thought we were doing that Monday at the lab. Well, God put the right person on the phone with the hospital because she was AMAZING. I mentioned to her about Selah being a hard stick, and she scheduled Selah an appointment with an anesthesiologist for her blood draw. (We had to use an anesthesiologist last time, too, but Selah was already in the hospital that time.)

The anesthesiologist ordered Selah to be nothing by mouth for 6 hours prior in case he needed to sedate her. It's a good thing he did because he took one look at Selah and ordered Versed to relax her. He saw the orders for the amount of blood he needed to get, and he decided to just get it from her femoral artery while Selah was under the spell of her happy juice.

Selah did great, the anesthesiologist got it first try, and it was sooooooo awesome for Selah to NOT be tortured.


While it took about 2 hours in the hospital from start to finish, the time was well spent and oh so worth it!

Thanks for praying for sweet Selah! Don't forget to sign up for a prayer spot in her prayer chain (see Tuesday's post for more info). Thanks again!

PS The anesthesiologist told us that there would be no way for a lab to get her blood, so looks like this is the route to take for Selah, at least until she thins up and/or gets some bigger veins!

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