Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Morning from Selah

Selah did well through the night, all glory to Jehovah Rapha! She was blessed with a good night nurse who stayed on top of things, kept her pain under control, and kept her comfortable. So grateful for that!

I woke countless times in the night to check on Selah, sing to her, hold her hand, pray over her, and simply let her know I was by her side. She opened her eyes and smiled at me a few times. Precious.

Selah has a lot of gunk in her lungs. They bagged her for aggressive suctioning this morning and got a TON out. That's one of those sights that makes my stomach turn with an instant upchuck feeling. Then I boss my heart according to His Word and cling to my tube floating on His river of peace.

They had to put hand restraints on Selah because of her feistiness. Love my warrior princess! She continues to try to rip out her breathing tube, even with hand restraints. That's my fighter!

They decided to give her some Lasix to try to clear her lungs somewhat, and they plan to pull her breathing tube sometime between 9-10am!

Selah had 102-103 fever in the night, but she's already on IV antibiotics, so they're watching to see if she spikes another fever after her Tylenol wears off.

One really annoying thing is that Selah's room is right across from the supply closet, which has a very large and heavy door which has a very loud and annoying slam each time someone goes in. And each time someone goes out. Which is about every 3 minutes. The slam startled Selah just about every time. Repeatedly. Ugh. That's one o those details that the medical staff don't think about because their baby isn't the one waking, startling, and crying each time the door slams. Nor are they having to confort the baby that is across the hall from the supply room. Every 3 minutes. I think I'll ask Matt to rig something up to keep that door from slamming. Every 3 minutes.

I'll keep you updated on Princess Selah, and thank you all from the depths of our hearts for your prayers. We are truly grateful.

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