Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Oh, The Places You’ll Go

I posted on Facebook last night a question for adoptive families, and I got lots of helpful feedback.  However, I thought I’d post on the blog as well because I know there are many of you who aren’t on Facebook.


God has been moving in our hearts recently in many ways. One of the things God keeps bringing up repeatedly is the direction of Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries.  We believe God wants to direct us in this ministry to do some very specific things with regards to orphans and adoptive families, but we’re still in the praying phase of the how’s, when’s, who’s, and where’s.


The options are endless, and we all know that with God, all things are possible.  Wheels are turning, knees are bowed, and God is on the move.  Waiting for His clear direction and guidance can be challenging, yet His peace passes all understanding, and we’d much prefer to have Him lead the way than for us to take the bull by the horns and force something that may or may not be His good and perfect will.


Here are a variety of questions/thoughts God has placed upon our hearts, and we’d love your input and feedback:

  • Would adoptive families like to attend a family retreat/conference where the entire family would attend (where adoptive families would learn, fellowship, play, and worship together)?
  • If so, where would you like to see this hosted?  Any specific accommodation recommendations?  (We would need/want the facility to be ADA compliant so families with special needs could attend.  We would also want to keep the price as low as possible, so more families could attend.)
  • What specific topics/areas do adoptive families need/want to be ministered in?
  • We would sure love to have a ranch that could host events like this and minister to adoptive families, to come alongside struggling adoptive families with support and encouragement, to offer hope and community for adoptive families no matter where they are in their journey as a family.  There are several other adoptive families we’ve spoken with who feel God has given them a similar vision.  We feel like God may provide something like this, and we’re specifically praying it would be something in the hill country of Texas, with close proximity to the Austin/San Antonio area (which both have airports).  We’d love to have your prayers and feedback.  Be praying for God to give us the ranch and financial support if this is His will for the future of Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries.  Wouldn’t it be incredible to see God knit this together for His glory?


If you have suggestions of other things adoptive families are in need of, please let us know.  And, as always, we would very much appreciate your prayers for Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries.

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