Friday, May 10, 2013

Love Hungry

The hunger for love is much greater than the hunger for food.” 

~Stephen Ucembe


What powerful words, spoken from a person who knew this all too well.  Stephen Ucembe is now a successful adult man, but he spent his entire childhood living as an orphan in an institution in Africa.  He beat the statistics that he’d be dead before age 18.  Now he advocates for the orphan and spends his life pouring into the lives of the needy, the vulnerable, those without a voice.  Yes, Mr. Ucembe knows personally that the hunger for love is much greater than the hunger for food, and he has chosen to do something about it.


Mr. Ucembe’s words replay continuously through my mind, convicting me to do more.  We’re quick to give food to the hungry, which is fabulous and needed, but perhaps we could offer love to the hungry as well.  Giving food is easy.  Giving love?  Perhaps that’s a little more challenging.


Are you up for the challenge?  Ask God to show you how you can share His love.  He has abundantly showered His free, unconditional love upon us. How can we share this love with others, particularly with those who are starving to receive it?


I think the answer to that question comes in many forms.  How will you show love to the hungry?

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