Monday, May 13, 2013

It’s Never Crowded at the Cross


“When we gather at the foot of the cross, it’s never crowded.” –author unknown


One of my favorite times of the week is going to church as a family on Sundays.  We attend a small church in our area where the pastor and leadership is on fire for Christ.  They’re passionate and it fires us up just to be in their presence, where the Spirit is overflowing and His peace is ever present.


Every Sunday, I cherish holding my little lovies on my lap.  God always makes a way for each child who wants to crawl up into my lap to find a comfy spot there.  It’s just never too crowded.  And that’s how our Father feels about us.  His lap is never too crowded.  He longs for us to crawl into His lap and find that comfy spot, too.  God has allowed my heart to feel just a tad bit of what His must feel when we crawl into His never-crowded lap for some lovin’ and comfort.


Yesterday, on Mother’s Day, I treasured holding Conner and Kiefer on my lap.  As I looked down on these two treasured blessings, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with emotion.  While Mother’s Day is meant to be a special time of year for all those blessed with the gift of being a mom, it can also be a sad day for those who long to be moms, those whose moms no longer live on this earth, and those who are moms yet have a child no longer living on earth.


While I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting to hold my precious lovies in my lap, I long to hold our precious princess in my lap again.  And I miss my own mom, who now lives with Jesus, too.


But I rest in the peace found through Jesus Christ, the peace that passes all understanding.  I know that I know that I know that I know that one day, I WILL get to hold my princess on my lap again, and I WILL hug my mom’s neck again.  I do not grieve the type of grief that has no hope; I grieve the loss of my mother and daughter on this earth, yet I hold on to the promise through Jesus’ blood that we WILL one day be reunited.


Until that day of reunification comes, I will cherish the moments He grants me on this earth, and I will strive to live my life here for His glory.


If you long to be a mom, consider adoption.  It changes lives, just as our adoption by the King of kings does.  Our hearts and lives are never the same after we’ve been adopted by our Father, so we can expect the same life-changing results when He allows us to adopt others.  Adoption is a blessing, for all parties.

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