Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweet Little Christmas Gift

This is our first year with children in the public school system.  Naomi is in the 18+ program at our high school, for children with special needs.  Cooper and Conner are in the self-contained kindergarten class for children with special needs.  Everyone loves their school and the many teachers, therapists, specialists, and aides who work with them.


Since I’m a former a teacher, I thought about the gifts I was given that I really liked.  I LOVE sugar and sweets, so I loved the idea of these mason jar gifts.

photo 3

We baked many cakes—red velvet, butter yellow, and chocolate fudge.  Then we crumbled the cakes and layered them in mason jars with icing and sprinkles and M&M’s.

photo 2


Then we hot glued velvet ribbon to the rim of the mason jar lid and stuck a cupcake liner over the round metal sealing lid.

photo 1



And last, but not least, we tied a card and spoon to the jar.

photo 4


We made 30 of these to give to everyone who works with our kids.

photo 1

Naomi was SOOOOOOOO excited to give her gifts.  She said everyone loved them. 


We wish you a SWEET Christmas, too!

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