Wednesday, December 5, 2012


“God sets the lonely in families…”

Psalm 68:6


photo 1

Conner Christian Patterson, age 7

Home 9 months

  • Went from wearing a size 1 infant shoe to a size 7 toddler shoe
  • Signs “more”
  • Laughs the most adorable laugh ever
  • Makes and mimics lots of sounds
  • Finds joy in all situations
  • Chews and swallows most foods (could/would only drink liquid when he first came home)
  • Walks everywhere independently (could barely stand for 3 seconds with support when he first came home)


photo 2

Cooper Immanuel Patterson, age 7

Home 9 months

  • Weighed 21 pounds when he came home; weighs 44 pounds now!
  • Signs several words (“more”, “movie”, “eat”)
  • Is mostly toilet trained (although he doesn’t tell us still, we just have to schedule him)
  • Walks while holding someone’s hand (no longer has severely clubbed feet)
  • LOVES music and movies
  • Gets so excited when we sing; radiates pure joy
  • Eats anything now (Cooper will feed himself almost independently, chew his food, and swallow it without gagging.  When he first came home, he gagged on anything with texture—had to have pureed first foods.)


Praise God for His precious and perfect gifts!


PS  Thank you for sharing, praying, and supporting our daughter’s Both Hands project.  Click HERE to read about it if you missed it.  Please keep up the good work!!!

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