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Both Hands—Organized by Mattie

For countless reasons, I am so proud of our 14-year-old daughter, Mattie.  She has such a heart for orphans, and she spends the majority of her time serving our family and doing anything she can to help better the lives of orphans.  I think much of Mattie’s passion to help the orphan is fueled through her commitment to living out her little sister’s legacy.  Instead of wallowing in the pain of losing her sister, Mattie has made a commitment to help orphans around the world in memory of her sister Chrissie.  Mattie loves Jesus.  James 1:27 is her life verse—serving orphans and widows.  Mattie has a true servant’s heart, one that doesn’t need praise for her works because her joy comes through serving Jesus and the least of these.


A few months ago, Mattie came to her daddy and me to ask if she could receive our blessing on a project she felt God calling her to do.  She wanted to organize a host a Both Hands project, a project that lives out James 1:27, with one hand serving the widow and one hand serving the orphan.


I explained to Mattie that I wouldn’t be available to help her with this project because my plate is so full right now.  As much as I wanted to come alongside her, I knew I couldn’t commit to such a big project at that time due to having so many health issues with several of our children at that time, requiring hospitalizations and such.


Mattie wanted to chair this project anyway.  She knew God would lead her, as He was calling her, and she felt comfortable taking on the project independently. 


From that point on, Mattie, age 14, has completed 100% of the work necessary to bring the first-ever Canyon Lake, Texas Both Hands project!!!  This is not only the first project in our area, it’s the first Both Hands project EVER led by a child.  I kid you not, Mattie has done every bit of the organization, gathering of workers, communication, sponsorship letters, administrative work, forms, etc. required to complete a Both Hands project.  To be honest, I skimmed the project requirements and paperwork emailed to Mattie by the Both Hands organization, and I wanted to run!!!  There was SO MUCH to be done.  Their requirements were strict and done with utmost integrity, but that didn’t scare Mattie away like it did me—haha!!!


Today, it is with great pleasure that I share with you the information below, written by our 14-year-old daughter, Mattie:


Towards the middle of August this year, I was doing my usual blog cruising when I came across a post my friend, Amy Block, had on her blog. She posted this video:

Both Hands Big Build Animation from Lifesong for Orphans on Vimeo.


Click HERE to view the video if it doesn’t show up.


And Mrs. Block posted a plea for people to rise up and answer God's call to take care of orphans and widows by doing a Both Hands project, where people serve a widow while raising funds to help orphans.


At first I blew it off, thinking, "Some capable ADULT church leader would be perfect to do that! What a nice project".


I continued my week, but it seemed like that Both Hands Project deal was following me around! The Block's mission, Village of Hope in Guatemala, and the children that would some day occupy it were invading my thoughts.


I went to church that Sunday and the sermon was (of course ;-) on obeying what God is calling you to do.


"Alright, alright, I'll see what I can do," I told God.


I was trying everything to wiggle my way out of taking on this massive project.


I couldn't. There was no way to escape!


I finally made the plunge and committed to undergo organizing a Both Hands Project.


As it is with all things that God calls us to do, we say, "Yes," and His peace abounds. I was wrapped in it. Of course, all of us who have said yes to what God was calling us to do know that it is by no means easy. Every step in the process has been anything but easy. A 14-year-old girl trying to rally construction workers, I mean come on!


Jesus has so abundantly provided, He made sure that I found a person to specialize in every area. He made sure everything got done along the way as I worked to organize this project. All I had to do was follow. Thank you, Daddy!!


So, a few months later and a lot of Both Hands organizational experience under my belt, I’m so excited to announce that the Canyon Lake, TX Both Hands Project benefitting Village Of Hope in Guatemala will happen this Saturday!!


At 7:30am this Saturday we will be gathering in our church parking lot to car pool over to our project's widow, Nancy's, house. My question for y'all is if you would consider donating to sponsor me and my siblings to work this Saturday on Nancy's house.


We are tearing down her old deck and building a new one, redoing her driveway, insulating her pipes, and putting siding on her walls! Every penny goes to Village of Hope—Guatemala, a mission to give orphans with special needs a safe and loving home in a family style setting.


Every penny donated will make a difference in a child's life at VOH. I have seen what y'all precious blog readers can do, and it is beautiful. The Body of Christ, I believe, was meant for times like these! Please pray about giving.


Your tax-deductible donation, sponsoring the work we’re doing on our widow’s home, can be given securely by clicking HERE.  Or you may mail a check to:

Lifesong for Orphans
PO Box 40
Gridley, IL 61744
- write in the memo line "Preference VOH Canyon Lake #97406"


May Jesus bless you in your coming in and your going out, from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet!! 


Thank you for your support, Mattie Patterson


As Mattie’s mom, I would like to BEG you to support Mattie with this major undertaking!!! Smile 

  1. Please SHARE.  Share this post everywhere you can because the more people who read this, the more opportunity for God to raise funds through this project. 
  2. Please GIVE.  Your donation is tax-deductible, 100% of your donation will go to Village of Hope in Guatemala to serve orphans with special needs.
  3. Please PRAY.  Pray for this precious widow, Nancy to be blessed by this project.  Pray for safety of the volunteers.  Pray for much success in fixing up Nancy’s home—a huge project.  Pray for abundant donations to be given to help orphans at Village of Hope in Guatemala.  Pray for God to be glorified, always.


Thank you so much for your support!!!  Let’s launch this and watch what God does.

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