Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pray for Teresa

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas.  Our home was filled with joyous laughter and squeals of delight, despite the grief that inevitably hits at Christmas as we miss our Princess Chrissie, as well as my mom.  I truly don’t know how those without Jesus survive.  He is our hope, peace, and joy.  So grateful for our Savior—what a privilege to celebrate His birth this time of year.


Many of you may have seen on the Today Show on Christmas Eve the story of a precious little girl, adopted from China, named Teresa.  Teresa was adopted shortly after our Chrissie went to heaven, in July 2010.  Teresa’s mom contacted me in 2010, shortly after Teresa came home, to see if I could help her find a doctor who would help heal their precious princess’ broken heart.  Little Teresa was born with only half a heart, and she was in desperate need of help and healing.


Our beloved friend and Chrissie’s cardiologist, Dr. Porisch, reviewed Teresa’s medical records and agreed with all of the other doctors who had reviewed Teresa’s records that open-heart surgery wasn’t an option for Teresa.  Nothing besides a heart transplant was an option, but Teresa wasn’t a candidate because her pulmonary pressures were too high.  Teresa’s mom was devastated, as they prayed with belief that God would heal their little girl.


Well, Teresa turned five on Christmas day, and, all glory to God, Teresa is at the top of the heart transplant list!!!  The medications Teresa’s been taking for two years have helped Teresa’s lungs and pulmonary pressures, making her an eligible candidate for a new heart.


On Christmas Eve, the Today Show aired Teresa’s story, and I’ve included the video below.  If it doesn’t show up, click HERE to view it.  It’s well worth the few minutes it’ll take to watch it.  Brings me to tears every time.  Teresa reminds me SOOOOOOOO much of our Chrissie.  Even Teresa’s mom said that after she brought Teresa home.  Spunky warrior princesses—can’t help but adore them.


Teresa’s family would greatly appreciate your prayers.  You can follow Teresa’s mom’s blog HERE, and you’ll find in the blog sidebar a few links to other stories of Teresa in the news, as well as a link to a Facebook group to pray for Teresa.  Only God knows when Teresa’s heart transplant will occur, so please check Teresa’s mom’s blog often for updates.  Thank you so much!

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