Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Miracle of Nathan


Yesterday we had the privilege of meeting Carrie Eubanks and her son, Nathan.  Unfortunately, this meeting occurred at Dell Children’s Hospital instead of in our homes.


On July 10, Nathan drowned.  He was miraculously resuscitated, admitted to PICU at Dell, and was put under a medically induced coma in order to protect his brain.


On July 18, just a week after the drowning, Nathan was sitting up in his hospital bed, watching TV, without any oxygen or extra hospital equipment.  His brain MRI shows no trauma, and Nathan’s a living miracle for God’s glory.


Nathan is 6-years-old and has Down syndrome.  He’s a biological son with 4 other siblings.  He has two sisters who are adopted from Ukraine and also have Down syndrome.


As I sat in Nathan’s hospital room, it didn’t even occur to me that our two boys, Conner and Cooper, are actually older than Nathan.  Nathan is so much bigger than Conner and Cooper combined!  He’s a precious, precious, precious boy who is seriously adored and totally treasured by his family, and it shows.  He’s such a smart and healthy guy, a great inspiration to us all.


Would you please pray that Nathan would be completely healed and be able to go home soon?  Pray that there will be no signs of this even ever happening—no trauma anywhere in his body, with all abilities restored fully, for God’s glory.  Nathan is living proof that God still performs miracles.  What a blessing to stand in the same room as this treasured miracle, to pray over him while he played with my bracelet, and to hug his awesome momma’s neck and swap stories.  So grateful for all He has done and continues to do in this miraculous testimony of Nathan.  Thank you all for praying!

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