Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I heard a ruckus coming from Conner’s and Cooper’s bedroom, followed by laughter.  The boys had been put to bed about 30 minutes prior.  I went in to check on them only to discover this as I turned on the light:

photo 3

Remember, the boys sleep in cribs, as this is what they did in Ukraine, so imagine my surprise to find Conner out and about when I turned on the light.  He was actually sitting in the rocking chair when I first turned on the light, then he quickly scooted to the floor to show me all of the things he’d pulled down and knocked over and the things he’d strewn about.  He even opened drawers and tossed all of the clothing out! 

photo 4

I knew the time would arrive when Conner (and I’m assuming eventually Cooper as wel) would crawl out of his crib. Conner is rapidly gaining physical skills he’s never had. He’s exploring, climbing, crawling, cruising, and continuously into everything. It’s hard to keep him contained, as he’s a little Houdini who can get out of just about everything.  He’s come so far in four months, so I guess I should celebrate this milestone, right?

photo 2

Oh. My. Word.

photo 4

Conner was on a mission to throw everything he could get his hands on while Cooper laughed hysterically, cheering him on like any good brother would do!

photo 3

Just look at that face!  I want to celebrate this milestone, I really do, but this boy is NOT safe roaming around in the night. He cannot be trusted to stay in a regular bed…gosh, he’d NEVER EVER stay there, so back in the crib he must go.

photo 1

I had been looking for a crib tent just this week, but I haven’t been able to find one anywhere.  I was told one model was recalled, so I’m assuming all crib tents are no longer for sale.  We never had to use a crib tent with any of our other kids, so I don’t have any in storage either.  (BTW, if anyone knows where I can get a crib tent, I’d love to know!)  As Mattie and I pondered how in the world we would keep Conner safe in the night, Mattie had the fabulous idea to put one of the PeaPods we used in Ukraine into Conner’s crib.

photo 5

Conner wasn’t so happy about being confined, after all, shenanigans have way more fun!  But safety is top priority, whether Conner agrees with me or not.  Praying this keeps Conner safe until we find another solution.  Praising God for the blessing of redemption—Conner is living proof!  Little shenanigan!


And we mustn’t forget the other little shenanigan who is Conner’s partner in crime.  While Cooper is confined to his crib for a while, due to his bar shoes/braces, that won’t stop him from enjoying the view from his crib while he watches his brother get into mischief.  Hope you enjoy this video of Cooper cracking up at his brother, Conner:


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