Friday, July 6, 2012

Sawyer's not going home today :-(

Just a quick note to let y'all know that Sawyer's blood pressure and heart rate have been low the past 12-18 hours, so they're not discharging Sawyer today.

They did an abdominal X-ray today to check for perforations because several people involved in Sawyer's care were concerned about that, but, praise God, the X-ray showed no signs of perforation. He does, however, still have most of the barium in his GI tract from his Upper GI testing Wednesday. Super slow motility. Still waiting to talk to GI doc today, so I don't have any answers on that issue (and a few other GI issues we still need to discuss).

Doc is thinking the oral pain meds (which were just added yesterday) were the cause of low BP and heart rate, so dosage and frequency are being lowered. It will probably take until tomorrow to know if everything stabilizes and pain is managed adequately in order for Sawyer to comfortably go home while he waits for the negative Tb confirmation so he can start Remicade infusion treatments.

Sawyer's spirit is always encouraging. Such a strong and brave warrior.

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