Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Such a Sweet Moment

One of the things I’ve prayed and hoped for is that all of our children, including those who joined our family after Chrissie was already in heaven, would know about their sister Chrissie.  We have photos of Chrissie around our home, and we speak of her often.  But because our newest kiddos cannot meet or talk to their sister, Chrissie (since she lives in heaven), I’ve often wondered how our little ones will wrap their brains around this sister they have never met, cannot talk to, and cannot see.


Last night during bedtime snack, Selah started saying, “Chrissie…where?”  She kept looking at our countertop and repeating herself.  None of us have ever heard her say Chrissie’s name, so this really took us by surprise.  We weren’t quite sure why she was saying this while she was looking at the countertop.  It was as if she was looking for Chrissie and asking us where she was. 


We finally figured out that there was a box of diapers sitting on the countertop that was blocking a framed picture of Chrissie.  Selah noticed this, so she was asking us where that picture of Chrissie was!  Once we realized what Selah was saying/asking, I decided to video her since this was her first time to acknowledge Chrissie.  I’m sure Selah doesn’t realize Chrissie is her sister in heaven, but hearing Selah say “Chrissie” while looking for her photo was deeply touching.  We praise God for the legacy of love Chrissie has left behind, and we pray all of our children will know this about their sweet sister in heaven.

Video of Selah saying, “Chrissie”. LOVE it!

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