Friday, July 20, 2012


Cooper’s physical therapist recommended the boys start riding in Power Wheels vehicles in order to help their bodies get adjusted to moving through space, something we take for granted.

photo 5

Since Cooper and Conner never left their cribs for the first six years of their lives, sadly, they never got to experience their bodies moving through space.  This motion is essential to development.

photo 1

We had an old Power Wheels vehicle that “died” last year when Vlad and Dima were here.  (Vlad and Dima LOVED the Power Wheels Gator and drove it to death, literally.)

photo 2

But with some TLC and several hours of fiddlin’ with things, Daddy was able to resurrect the Gator!  Conner loves the movement.  Cooper?  Not so much.  We’ve found with Cooper that it takes him about 10 times/tries until he finally calms down and accepts whatever the new experience is.  During the first 10 times, Cooper is loud and verbally communicates his disapproval and mistrust by fussing loudly.  After Cooper realizes it’s OK (usually after doing the same activity for about 10 times), he will quiet and calm down, and sometimes he’ll decide he actually likes the activity.


Here’s a video of Kiefer driving the boys around in the Gator:


So grateful for this provision and experience for the boys! I’m told this movement will help them want to walk, and someone said even their ability to communicate is affected by this type of movement. Glory to God for the boys’ continued progress.


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