Thursday, January 12, 2012


We received the referrals for both "Oleg" and "Shane", but, and there's always a but in Ukraine, Shane's paperwork is not in order.

Both boys are listed as being available for international adoption, but "Shane" is missing one pertinent document and he cannot be adopted without it. It's his relinquishment paper, which must be signed and notarized by his birth mother, who hasn't seen or visited him in 6 years.

So, the SDA will work tomorrow (Friday) on obtaining that vital piece of paper. In the meantime, we cannot receive the official referrals until that document is received by the SDA.

We know God's got this. Just pray for Godspeed!

The SDA appointment was very relaxed and friendly. They said that we are the first couple who has ever changed our petition from wanting to adopt healthy children to severe special needs. They were intrigued by that. :-)

Thank you for praying!

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