Monday, January 30, 2012

Court on Day 16

Tomorrow, Tuesday, will be our 16th day in Kremenchuk and our 23rd day in Ukraine. We are finally having court!

Our adoption facilitator picked up the required adoption documents from the SDA Monday night. Because the docs were not ready Monday during the day, we were unable to have court Monday, but we now have a scheduled court time of 10am Tuesday, January 31. Praise God!

Our facilitator is 99.9% sure the judge will NOT waive the required 10 day waiting period following court, but we are still asking for the judge to consider this. If the judge won't waive it, we'll go back to Texas for 10 days while Cooper and Conner remain in the orphanage. Then we'll come back to Ukraine after 10 days to finish the process, which will take approximately 10 more days, and then we can finally bring our sons home!

The orphanage director assures us the boys will be well taken care of in our absence. She was very kind and genuine in our meeting Monday morning, and she is personally meeting with all of the caregivers as well. We are grateful for God's provision and protection.

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