Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Picture Perfect Weekend

This was our first weekend in Ukraine, which turned out to be a picture perfect weekend in Kiev!  Snow started falling Saturday afternoon, at the exact time that Matt decided to take me on an outdoor stroll.  Snow is so beautiful, especially for a Texas gal who rarely gets to experience the beauty of white wonder.  (I prefer visiting snow instead of living in it! :-)


Ukraine 2012 1320

The view of brand new snowflakes drifting onto the window’s ledge of the Airhart’s apartment.


Ukraine 2012 1323

Snow just beginning to accumulate on the little playground by the Airhart’s apartment.


Ukraine 2012 1325

Lorraine posing by the pretty pink hair salon. I had a little snowflake on my hat that we were so proud of! Smile


Ukraine 2012 1327

The “underground city”, an open-air market that runs under the streets of Ukraine.  Love it!  (pic above and below)  You can get everything from magazines to coats to food to undergarments!  Wal-mart under the city.  Sort of.  OK, not really, but the variety and the prices are close.

Ukraine 2012 1328



Ukraine 2012 1329

Matt was so cute, making me pose on the street, in the middle of the city’s bus tracks (that operate by rails). He really cared about the snow. He promised He’d keep an eye out for an oncoming bus!


Ukraine 2012 1336

Matt took me to the cutest (and yummiest) little French bakery where we spent almost 2 hours, just the two of us, hanging out, catching up, enjoying the scenery, people watching, oh, and eating delectable French treats.  Matt continues to call this my European vacation. Smile


Ukraine 2012 1337

Isn’t the wallpaper cute?  Oh, and how ‘bout Matt? Smile


Ukraine 2012 1340

Eiffel tower of treats.


Ukraine 2012 1341

Lovely window display.


Ukraine 2012 1343

LOVED the bathroom mirrors.  Precious.


Ukraine 2012 1349

We were there so long that the waitress took our photo in front of the heavenly baked goods.  If I had to choose anywhere to spend my time in Ukraine, it would be here.  I actually ordered several pastries to go (I LOVE pastries), but the guy didn’t understand what I meant about “to go”.  He starting setting multiple treats onto plates, thinking I was going to eat it all right there!  I used the universal pantomime language to act out taking the food out the door and waving “bye-bye”.  Then he was able to comprehend my request for my treats “to go”.  He promptly smiled and said, “Oh, take-out!”


Ukraine 2012 1350

Roshen is THE Willy Wonka of Ukraine.  Their window displays are magnificent.  The photo above shows chocolate cars with white chocolate pedestrians.  I think that’s a white chocolate Santa climbing onto the rooftop using a rope.


Ukraine 2012 1352

Chocolate 18-wheeler with white chocolate excited kids!


Ukraine 2012 1353

White chocolate “ROSHEN” letters, snowfalkes,  and a white and dark chocolate Santa, sleigh, and reindeer.


Ukraine 2012 1355

Then Matt took me to the closed-air market.  What a cultural experience that was!  The shot above was entering the market.  Oh how pretty, I thought.


Ukraine 2012 1357

As soon as I rounded the corner, I was overcome with the stinch of dead fish.  Lovely.


Ukraine 2012 1359

And sausages.


Ukraine 2012 1360

But the real treat was the HUGE “locker” (open-air, inside of this huge enclosed market) of fresh carcasses.  Lovely.  Not sure one could get fresher meat, but I’ll take mine enclosed in plastic wrap with glass between me and the blood butcher.

Ukraine 2012 1361

Fresh rabbit.  With a foot still on, just in case you’d like to make a key-chain. Smile  (Actually, I noticed that both rabbits still have their right foot, so there’s probably some significance to leaving the right foot intact and unskinned.)


Ukraine 2012 1362

Duck, duck, goose.


Ukraine 2012 1363

There’s an axe on the block above that is GIGANTIC.  Eek!


Ukraine 2012 1364

Lots of pickled veggies.  And fresh fruits and vegetables, too.  That part was nice, and I’d gotten used to the smell by then, too.


There’s an upstairs to this market, but they don’t allow cameras up there.  (Have no clue why, maybe they don’t allow them downstairs either, but I didn’t see that sign.  Oh well.)  The upstairs has vendors selling mostly clothes, coats, shoes, textiles.  We walked it all.  I actually really liked it, but we didn’t buy anything.  Matt says we have no space in the two suitcases I was allowed to bring. 


We walked back to the Airhart’s apartment Saturday around 5PMish (left around 2PMish), then took Tara out to dinner since her hubby (and her father-in-law) had been gone all day and weren’t expected home until late.


Ukraine 2012 1367

We were only in her apartment for maybe 15 minutes, but when we walked back outside, the snow covered the land!  It was so beautiful.  It was falling rapidly, hence the white streaks in the photo above.


Ukraine 2012 1369

This shows how much snow had fallen in about 15 minutes.  Beautiful.


Ukraine 2012 1370

Tara chose a different French restaurant that was beautiful.  Matt ordered sea bass (pictured above), which he thought was delicious.  Too many eyeballs bones for me.


Ukraine 2012 1373

I went out on a limb and ordered some kind of seafood pasta dish.  That little creature above was some kind of rubbery squid, which I chose to let Matt sample first.  He advised me to enjoy the delicacy via photos, so I obliged, like a good submissive wife would.


Ukraine 2012 1374

And then there were these creatures (above).  Anyone have any idea what those are?  Matt and I both chose to enjoy these with our eyes and not our mouths. Smile


Ukraine 2012 1375

The chandelier and décor were beautiful.  Loved the freshly baked rolls with butter.  The sea creatures, not so much.


We went to bed around midnight, excited to attend church with the Airharts Sunday morning.  We woke at 6AM since Tara’s husband plays drums in the worship band and has to be there by 7:30AM for practice.  They have 2 worship services (at 9 and 11), in English. 


Jonathon Airhart’s dad, Melvin, is visiting right now, so he and Jonathon played together in the worship band.  Melvin plays the banjo (and guitar).  They played “I’ll Fly Away” and “I Saw the Light”, good ole southern bluegrass worship in Ukraine!


Kiev first weekend 002

The photo above was taken from the window of the church building.  Beautiful snow everywhere.


After church, we ate at a restaurant called Aroma, which serves delicious sandwiches on homemade bread, plus a lovely selection of pastries and baked goods.  Yummy.


Then we drove back to the apartment.  I took lots of photos (from the car window) on our drive home, since we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning early (Monday).  Plus the snow was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist.  Here’s a sample of what one might see when traveling the main streets of Ukraine:


Kiev first weekend 003

Kiev first weekend 004

Kiev first weekend 005

Kiev first weekend 006

Kiev first weekend 007

Kiev first weekend 010

Cars park on the sidewalks here.  I’ve been really impressed with the driving though.  The safest, most conservative we’ve experienced in our international adoption travels.


Kiev first weekend 011

Kiev first weekend 013



Kiev first weekend 014

Kiev first weekend 017

Kiev first weekend 018

Kiev first weekend 019

Kiev first weekend 020

The Barbie posters are on the side of a dog shop.


And then back to our temporary home-sweet-home, the Airhart’s apartment.


Kiev first weekend 021

Kiev first weekend 023


We’ll leave at 6AM Monday to take a car (with driver, along with our facilitator’s husband) to Kremenchuk, the city where the boys are.  The local inspector, who must supervise the first visit, is apparently out of town right now, but expected to return sometime Monday.  Please pray the inspector will arrive in time to supervise our first visit, or that someone will be able to supervise in her absence so that we can love on our new sons.


It’ll be hard to pack up and leave the luxury of the Airhart’s place (and their hospitality), but we’re so eager to meet our new little guys.


If you don’t hear from us right away, it’s probably because of Internet issues.  I’ve heard it’s much harder to get Internet in other cities of Ukraine, so we’ll see.


Looking forward to our next update including PHOTOS of our newest sons.  My heart feels so full of love for them, I just can’t wait to hold them, to whisper our love in their ears, to shower them with attention, and let them know they are not forgotten.  Chosen.  Cherished.  Treasured.  Thank you, Jesus!

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