Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 10, Not the News We Were Praying For

Super sad face.  Our facilitator notified us today that the person within the SDA who must prepare our paperwork for the head minister of social policy to sign has been ill and was not able to prepare our paperwork; therefore, it has not been signed.  Which means we cannot have court until next week. Sad smile


We were praying that we’d be able to have court this week so that we could be home this weekend.  We’re missing our Texas kiddos tremendously.  Mattie’s 14th birthday is Friday, and we were really hoping to make it back to Texas Saturday, but that’s not possible now.


We must still pray that the paperwork is ready by Friday so that we can have court Monday.  The SDA has designated M/W/F as days for this type of paperwork, so the next available date for our facilitator to check on our paperwork is Friday.  If it’s ready Friday, court will be Monday.  If it’s not ready Friday, then we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out if it’s ready then.


It’s really hard to sit in Ukraine and wait on people to simply sign paperwork, but I trust God’s sovereignty in the timing of everything.  Yes, He is sovereign even over paperwork in Ukraine.  While we had really gotten our hopes up that we’d be home this weekend to love on our kiddos, we’ve chosen to boss our hearts through this disappointment and realize there could be much worse things happening.  This is just a delay, a delay God is sovereign over, even when we can’t wrap our piddly brains around it.  He’s carried us through much tougher things in this life, He’ll get us over this hump as well.


Our morning visit with the boys began with Conner vomiting all over Matt.  Poor little Conner.  Precious boy has some severe digestive issues with his being so rapidly force fed.  I almost threw up five different times after Conner vomited.  It was a MESS.  This occurred within minutes of getting to the playroom.  There was no horseplay or roughhousing going on.  Matt had just sat down with Conner, and he was holding him face to face, gently cuddling.  Next thing he knew, Matt was COVERED in vomit.  I smelled it, then saw it, then started gagging and couldn’t stop.  Praise God I didn’t vomit.  Those who know me already know that I “don’t do” vomit.  Seriously.  That’s one of the only things I just seriously cannot handle.  The sound, sight, and smell…oh, it makes me gag just typing about it. 

day 10 kremenchuk 013


Anyway, Matt had to wear his vomit-covered shirt for the entire morning.  I was seriously thanking God for letting it be Matt and not me because we would have had to cut the visit short if I’d have had that on me.  I couldn’t have done it.  I barely made it through with it being all over Matt. 

day 10 kremenchuk 009


Needless to say, we had a very quiet, low-key, non-active, no-horseplay morning with Conner.


Cooper, on the other hand, was a live wire today!  He’s really coming out of his shell, and he’s no longer drugged, praise God.  He’s started teasing us and trying to “get” us.  (I’m posting videos at the bottom of this update.)  Cooper is STRONG, too, and he’s really smart.  He figured out how to position his body to get the most strength and maneuvering when trying to yank me off the incline mat.  Such a cutie!


day 10 kremenchuk 016

day 10 kremenchuk 017

day 10 kremenchuk 018

day 10 kremenchuk 020

day 10 kremenchuk 022



After our morning visit, we went straight back to our apartment so Matt could shower and wash sanitize his vomit-covered shirt.  We ate lunch at the pizza restaurant, then decided to take a nap.  Sounds like the dream life, doesn’t it?!?!  Not so much when you’ve eaten at the pizza place countless times and long to be home with your lovies more than napping.


After our nap, we heard the disappointing news regarding our paperwork and court, then we headed back to the orphanage for the evening visit.  Cooper enjoyed various iPad apps (it was our first time to bring the iPad), and he absolutely LOVES watching kiddie videos on it.  Conner really doesn’t care about videos or games.  He just wants to play, which is great.  After about 20 minutes of iPad time, we turned it off and fully engaged with both boys.  Lots of fun, and no vomit, hooray!


day 10 kremenchuk 027

day 10 kremenchuk 036

Cooper, Conner, and Mommy playing together.


Cooper and Conner hanging out.

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