Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I composed this draft about God’s provision yesterday, but didn’t have Internet to post it.  I’m posting it now, and hopefully I’ll have some photo updates later, provided we’ll have Internet to post. Smile


God’s provision has been over-the-top abundant with this adoption.  He continues to awe me with how much He cares about these boys.  The entire story and every detail He has orchestrated to bring this all together overwhelms me, but the provision He has abundantly blessed us with throughout this adoption is truly mind-boggling for me.  God surprised us with another one of His abundant provisions our first day in Kremenchuk.


I still don’t really know all of the details, but God orchestrated His plan to have us stay in a 5-star luxury apartment in Kremenchuk for FREE.  Seriously.  This is exactly what He did for us for our stay in Kiev as well (twice).  Tara Airhart has now twice opened her 5-star luxury apartment in Kiev to us (absolutely free), which has been key in our adjustment to this new culture.  (Matt says staying at Tara’s isn’t really like being in Ukraine because it’s so luxurious with so many American amenities that we normally take for granted but suddenly feel shocked when we enter a new country and the toilet paper is like bark…and has to be tossed in the trash can. :-)


Anyway, upon leaving the Airhart’s fantabulous Kiev apartment, Matt warned me that I’d need to start thinking more like a Ukrainian than an American as we drove to the small town of Kremenchuk (where the boys are).  Several other families who have adopted from this same region have shared stories of how their apartments were teeny tiny (like the size of my closet), filled with smoke, bugs, grime, not safe, etc.  I was trying to prepare my brain for this transition, so I wouldn’t be completely disappointed and shocked at the vast difference between our accommodations.


Well, as God would have it, He “hooked us up”!!!  I’m sure there’s more details that I’m unaware of, but basically, one of the Reece’s Rainbow moms (hi Jenny), who previously adopted from the same orphanage that Conner and Cooper are in, put me in contact with several Christians in Kremenchuk.  I became “friends” with these contacts via Facebook shortly before we left the USA.


Next thing I know, one of my new Kremenchuk Facebook friends sends me a message that her landlady offered an apartment to us for FREE.  Seriously.  The woman who owns the apartment is Ukrainian and lives in Kremenchuk.  She has a mild special needs daughter and grandson (if I understand correctly).  She apparently heard about our family, and she wanted to offer us a place to stay while here in Kremenchuk.  Amazing, right?!?!


After coming from the Airhart’s fine accommodations, I needed to be careful to adjust my expectations appropriately and be grateful for whatever provision God blessed us with.  After all, it would be free, and that is HUGE.  We found the apartment Monday afternoon after our morning visit with the boys, and, let me just say, NEVER underestimate God.


He has POURED out His abundant blessings on us, more than I ever could have fathomed.  Never did I ever expect God to surprise us with another 5-star luxury apartment that is completely FREE to us.  WOW.  WOW.  WOW.


The owner of the apartment is the sweetest woman.  She has showered us with grandmotherly love.  She prepared a feast upon our arrival.  Our tummies were so full, and so were are our hearts.  WOW.


Kremenchuk Day 1 063


This precious woman doesn’t speak a word of English, but she talks to us in Ukrainian without hesitation. Smile  We have no clue what she’s saying, but she talks and talks and talks.  So sweet.  She reminds me of my Nana.  God is so good.

Kremenchuk Day 1 062


Kremenchuk Day 1 059


The landlady had our translator ask us what religion we are.  We told her that we are Protestant Christians.  She said she is BAPTIST.  (Rare for Ukraine.)  Matt was wearing one of the John 14:18 shirts with a cross on the back, and she just LOVED it. 

Kremenchuk Day 1 060


Kremenchuk Day 1 061


She introduced us to her special needs grandson, who speaks a few words of English.  He was so proud to show us his high school diploma.  This sweet and generous woman lives in the apartment next door to the one we’re staying in…the doors are adjacent to one another.  Her daughter normally lives in this apartment, but she is giving it up so that we can stay here.


Amazing.  Simply amazing.

Kremenchuk Day 1 062

Kremenchuk Day 1 055

Kremenchuk Day 1 056


We felt God welcome us to Kremenchuk.  We could not be more grateful for His provision, the generosity of this sweet Ukrainian woman, the sacrifice her daughter is making, and all of the earthly people involved in helping to coordinate this for us.


We are blown away.


Thank you!

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