Friday, December 9, 2011

Winner of the Thanksgiving Blitz

I totally forgot to announce (publicly) the winner of the John 14:18 giveaway.

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Hello- bought a red shirt- LOVE YOUR SHIRTS!!! :)

Dawn of Are These Kids All Yours? was the winner.  I already contacted her via email, but I forgot to announce the winner here on the blog.  Sorry to those who were wondering who won or if I still hadn't drawn the winner. 

I have an awesome story to share about Dawn.

Dawn's an awesome and supportive bloggy friend.  She faithfully leaves comments on our blog, and after Chrissie went to heaven, Dawn invited us to stay at their family camp (for free!).  We weren't able to go to their camp, but Dawn has been a faithful friend by reaching out to our family in multiple ways over the past year and a half.  Dawn's a huge adoption advocate (she even works as an adoption consultant) , she and her hubby have 8 kids (all adopted), and they're currently in the process of adopting a special needs child domestically. 

Dawn held a giveaway on her blog not too long ago.  I happened to be the winner of her giveaway.  I asked her to keep the money she would have spent on the shirt I won so that she wouldn't have to take any money away from their adoption funding.  Dawn was grateful.

Then, not too much longer after that, Dawn and her husband blessed our family with $500 to help bring Vlad and Dima home.  Yep, $500, and, I did mention that they're currently fundraising for their own adoption, right?  Selfless.  Supportive.  Gotta love Dawn's example.

Dawn said their large monetary donation to our adoption was a God thing.  I asked for details (because I always love God stories).  This is what Dawn said:

We had a sermon this past weekend that really convicted me of our giving (not tithing that is a given), but well let's just say that since we took a huge paycut....we have been using that as an excuse to not really do much giving.

During the service I heard the Lord tell me that we were to give away money- a larger amount.....and I reluctantly said ok- well this is yours anyway. And HE dealt with me in my heart. I then told God - in order to do this the right way HE needed to convict my husband as well.

Without me saying a word- my husband said to me last night- I have been thinking what would you think about giving money away. I said- how much? He said $500. I said (ok God you got it- I will obey) ok honey. To what? He said isn't the blog you are on right now doing a fundraiser ? Yep they I reminded him of who you are because I am the one who reads up on everyone ;) He said - let's do it.

SO CRAZY- YEP! But you know God will provide for us when our little one comes a long. OUR JOB is to be obedient in the mean time.

So there is the whole story! :) And your check is on the way!!! SOO STINKING EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL BE GLAD TO SEE THEM WHEN THEY GET HOME!!!!!! :)

Yep, that's Dawn for you.  Didn't I say she's an awesome and supportive bloggy friend?   I'm still in awe of Dawn's generosity during a time when families usually put every cent into their own adoption funds.  They are fundraising for their own adoption, for goodness sakes!  Please go check out Dawn's blog and purchase some of her fundraising items to help them raise the ransom for their newest addition.  I'd love to pour some blessings back into Dawn's adoption fundraising efforts.

Thank you, Dawn, for your friendship.  Thank you for blessing us immeasurably.  We are grateful!!!

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