Sunday, December 25, 2011

Hand in Hand

A friend made this video of Chrissie about a week ago, out of the blue, as a gift to me and my family.  In this video, the second photo is of Chrissie and my mom, holding hands.  The words say, "took my hand".  The photo is of Chrissie and my mom walking together, hand in hand.  I cannot help but imagine this image of our princess Chrissie and her Nana walking together, hand in hand, in Paradise.

Happy birthday, Jesus.  This year you've got not only one, but two of earth's greatest treasures with you to celebrate your special day.  While we wish they were both still here on earth with us, we know from experience what blessings Nana and Chrissie are.  Can't wait for the day that ALL of us are in heaven together, rejoicing with Jesus. 

Thank you, Anastasia, for making this video.  We will forever treasure it!

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