Wednesday, December 7, 2011


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Mattie now has glasses and braces.  She looks so different now.  Selah just stares at her, trying to make sure that’s the same Mattie she knew yesterday. Smile   Mattie chose silver braces with red and green bands for Christmas.  She also chose red frames for her new glasses.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Speaking of changes, Selah is changing so much these days.  She's no longer our little infant girl.  She’s no longer choosing crawling as her preferred method of transportation.  She's now walking.  Everywhere.  In and out of doors, all over the place.  She turned 14 months old December 1, and now Selah’s officially a toddler.  For the past month, Selah had been taking lots of steps, but she’s finally transitioned to choosing to walk as her number one mode of transportation.  It’s so fun to see so many changes.  Before we know it, Selah will have braces, just like Mattie!  For now, enjoy the videos of Selah posted below that she her walking…and barking. Smile

Oh, I have a couple of prayer requests to add to this post.  Please pray for Selah’s raging ear infection to clear up.  She was diagnosed with it yesterday and is taking 10 days of antibiotics.  Selah needs to feel well so we can all get some good sleep and make this crazy week just a little easier.

The other prayer request is for my friend’s foster son.  I am testifying in the trial today.  Please pray my thoughts would be adequately and clearly expressed, and that nothing I say would be twisted negatively.  Pray for the judge’s eyes to be open to the truth, and that the judge would truly put the foster boy’s best interest first.  I can’t give many details, but God knows exactly who you’re praying for.  Thank you!

Now, here are the videos of Selah:

The above video was taken Dec. 6.

The above video was taken Dec. 3.

The above video (of Selah barking like a dog) was taken Nov. 26.

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