Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selah Update

Sorry for the delay in reporting how Selah's doing. I've been trying to keep up with your individual inquiries, but I apologize if I missed one.

Selah is slowly recovering. I think it was a bad stomach virus that wiped her out. She was able to keep down small amounts of water and Pedialyte yesterday, enough to keep her from getting dehydrated. She was happy and able to do all of her typical skills, so that confirmed it wasn't her shunt malfunctioning.

Today Selah has been really tired. I think it's the recovery process. We all know how exhausted we are after a severe stomach bug wipes us out. She's still functioning at her typical capacities, so we're not concerned about her shunt.

Selah's one-year well visit is Thursday, so I feel good that we have that check-up in place this week. Of course, if anything changes or points in the direction of her shunt malfunctioning, we'll go to her neurosurgeon and/or the ER.

I will definitely update here if Selah has any emergencies. Thank you all for praying!

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