Friday, October 7, 2011

Another Selah Update

Selah is still having small vomiting episodes here and there (usually once or twice a day).  We've kept her on a bland diet (her full appetite hasn't returned yet), but even with very bland foods, Selah's still having gastric issues.  I have visited with her gastroenterologist, her neurosurgeon, and Selah had her one-year well check yesterday, so I was able to visit in person with our pediatrician about Selah's recent gastric issues. 

Selah's pediatrician believes she had the Norwalk virus (stomach flu), which is ending with a reverse stomach reflex that is pushing food back up and out her esophagus periodically.  Most people end this virus with diarrhea, but with Selah's reflux patterns, the pediatrician believes her stomach is following the same pattern of pushing food back up the pipe instead of the opposite direction.  What Selah is experiencing (periodic vomiting) is not her reflux (unfortunately, it stinks like big people vomit...yuck!), it's just her stomach responding with the opposite reaction than most people's would.

We hope to see this subside within a week, but if it doesn't, we'll follow up with her pediatrician, and possibly her gastroenterologist.  The good news is that it's for sure NOT her shunt.  Hallelujah!

Selah is still off the charts for her height (above 100th percentile), and her weight is in the 95th percentile (even with her recent surgery and stomach flu!).  She's a healthy little miracle girl who we praise God for!

On another note, yesterday was the 2-year-anniversary of when we met Princess Chrissie for the very first time in Serbia.  Oh how I miss that girl.  Saturday is her birthday.  She would have been 6.  That's SO VERY hard to believe.  I cannot even imagine her as a six-year-old.  She was so tiny and delayed; she was more like a 2 or young 3-year-old when we met her.  I remember that she had fever when we met her, so she wasn't feeling her best, but she took her little hands and placed them on my cheeks, looked me in the eye, and said (in Serbian), "I love you, Mama!"  Then she looked at Daddy and said, "And, Tata, I like chocolate."
Oh that precious princess was such a joy.  Pure delight.  I cannot wait to hold her, hug her, and kiss her in heaven, just like the first day we met her, only there won't be any fever or broken hearts. :-)

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