Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We saw Courageous last night.  Lots of tears, and even some big ole belly laughs.  The plot was different than I had predicted, and I'm amazed at what an awesome movie this was.  I highly encourage you to go see it, and I'm excited to see what God does through this well-made film.


October 4, 2011

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A Courageous Opening

A Courageous Opening

What an amazing Opening Weekend for COURAGEOUS! Thank you for the role you played in helping this film reach a wide audience—it was the No. 1 new release of the weekend. What did people think of COURAGEOUS? It scored it an A+ on CinemaScore—one of just four films to do so this year.

While opening in fewer than half of the theaters as the three other new releases—and three holdover films—COURAGEOUS finished No. 4 in the box office this weekend. And in the per-screen average, COURAGEOUS was by far the No. 1 movie of all movies playing in 1,000 or more theaters.

Talk about exceedingly, abundantly more than we can hope or imagine!

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Impacting Lives, Helping Families

Impacting Lives, Helping Families

Sherwood makes movies to make a difference. By that standard, COURAGEOUS is a rousing success.

Doug says, "It hit me hard. I am a single dad and I have always been there for my daughter, but after seeing your movie, I see there is more I can do. I cried so hard and I have been telling everyone they need to see this movie. Keep up the good work to show us how to be a better person for God and our family."

Michael says, "As a father of three young children ages 9 to 4, this movie spoke to me in so many ways: to enjoy every moment with your child, to teach them the way of the Lord. Also I'm a youth pastor and it challenges me to reach the kids that don't have a fatherly influence. "

Brian says, "As a father who has struggled to be a dad and have a relationship with my children the movie really hit home."

Please pray for Dads like Doug, Michael, Brian, and everyone who has sensed a renewed calling to be the parent (or mentor) God wants them to be.

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Opening Weekend Matters

Catching Hollywood Off-Guard

Trade publications and websites dedicated to the movie industry were amazed and impressed with COURAGEOUS.

Variety's review stated: "Time and again, the pic effectively emphasizes how the deputies are reminded on a daily basis what eventually can happen to at-risk children who don't have fathers involved in their lives. Little wonder, then, that they're moved to ask God's help to hone their own paternal skills."'s weekend recap stated: "Made outside of Hollywood without any major stars, COURAGEOUS managed to fly under most radars (including my own) until very recently. It's unfair to ignore the vast majority of church-going Americans for whom typical Hollywood fare isn't of great interest, though, and Sherwood Pictures has impressively found a way to mobilize this subset of the population."


Now That You've Seen It, Who Can You Take With You

Now That You've Seen It
Who Can You Take With You?

Every theater that COURAGEOUS opened in last Friday will be showing the movie until at least next Thursday, October 13. That means you have time to make a difference in the lives of your children, your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, and everyone else with whom you interact.

Chris posted: "I went to see this movie twice this weekend, Saturday with my wife, yesterday with my son, my brother, and a friend and his son. Get a group of men together and go, it could change your life!"

Invite a friend or a group of friends to see COURAGEOUS with you. After seeing it, they will thank you .. and their families will too!

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