Thursday, October 27, 2011

Live, Laugh, Love

Live Laugh Love Bible Verse Gift Sign Art Print Framed

Living, laughing, and loving.  That’s how we roll in our family.  Today I’d like to share with you some of the live, laugh, love moments that I’ve treasured up in my heart recently (most of which seem to come via Kiefer these days!):

Kiefer threw a ball in the house and knocked a picture off the wall, then he IMMEDIATELY responded with this: “Can I go to bed now? Tanks (thank) you, goodnight (as he hurriedly ran off to bed).”  {Kiefer has never once in his life asked to go to bed!  I laughed out loud at Kiefer’s ingenious response to avoid consequences for a bad choice.  Three-year-olds, gotta love them!}

Matt and I had date night this week.  We met at a restaurant.  Matt arrived a couple of minutes before me, so he stood in the parking lot and watched me pull in.  I rolled down my window to wave at him, and he shouted, “Only you can look hot driving a 15-passenger van!”   {Lots of laughter at this one, sprinkled with unconditional love!}

Words to Live By: Live Laugh Love

Kiefer:  “You my brother, Parker.  I love you.  We have the same momma.”  {Momma’s heart smiled at this.  Lots of love.}

We’ve been dealing with a lot of things breaking around here:  air conditioner, trash compactor, water well, garage door opener, and more.  Instead of being frustrated, Matt stated matter-of-factly, “Well, the time is getting closer.”  To which I replied, “Closer to what?”  Matt calmly explained, “All of this broken stuff simply means we’re getting closer to Vlad and Dima’s adoption.”  {You see, every time we enter into an adoption, Satan revs up his attacks on our family and our “stuff”.  Now, we are able to calmly identify the problem, and instead of feeling defeated, we rejoice, knowing this means the time to getting our kiddos is getting closer!  Hallelujah!  I had to laugh when I witnessed the way Matt handled it.  Ha, ha, Satan, you're not going to win...ever.}

Kiefer’s middle name is “Thomas”. Kiefer just happens to be in that developmental stage where he often hears us say, “KIEFER THOMAS…”. So, the other day Ella did something that Kiefer disagreed with. He looked Ella in the eye and said sternly, “Ella Thomas…”. Smile {Ella’s middle name is Hope.}

Sage Sign, Live Laugh Love

How about you?  What makes you laugh?  Got any funny stories to share or live, love, laugh moments that you've treasured up in your heart lately?  I'd love to hear them!

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