Friday, January 14, 2011

Friendly Friday: A Boss Your Heart Message From a Friend

Fridays are for friends (real life or bloggy friends!) to share their boss your heart messages!  I'd LOVE to hear YOUR Boss Your Heart message!  Click HERE for more info!Today's Boss Your Heart message is delivered by Ms. Taylah Black, a 15-year-old in Australia, whose life was totally changed by Princess Chrissie!  Taylah has a blog where she is raising awareness and funds to help orphans and adoptive families!  Check it out HERE!  Thanks, Taylah, for sharing your message!

Taylah's Boss Your Heart Message:

Since the 28th of April, when Chrissie tought the world how to 'boss your heart' I have bossing my own heart to try and become a better person.

I am 15 years old. I was born into a catholic family and have grown up beleiving in God.
As I got older and became a teenager I turned my back and walked away from God. I mean honestly, how could some thing in the sky talk to us, guide us and everything elce?

It seemed impossible and it made more sence to beleive in the big bang theory... or any scientific thing.
I guess another factor that influenced me to turn my back on God was my peers. I wanted to fit in, and God wasn't really a thing that everyone wanted to talk about.

Things got worse and worse. My heart became cold and selfish. I wanted, wanted, wanted and didn't care much about the needy or the helpless. It was all about ME!

Almost three years ago God sent me a gift. A precious baby cousin, born 5 pound and 36cm long. I adored him!
We took him home and loved on him... but 24 hours later we were back in hospital and told that Oscar had Down Syndrome, Heart problems, Imperforated Anus, and deaf. Also only has a 20% chance of life.... yer. There goes my chance of turning back to God. If He does exist why would he do this? And why would He do it to MY baby?

But God showed me through Oscar's battle that He does exist and that miricals do happen.... I was happy with just that!

I didn't want no relationship with Him. Just wanted him to watch over my little boy.

Then God sent me another gift. Through Reece's Rainbow I found The Pattersons. Which is were I found not only Chrissie, but God!

I bossed, bossed, bossed my heart. I learnt to not just love but ADORE God!
I learnt how to give...
I learnt how to care...
I learnt how to love...
But most important I learnt how to listen. Listen to what God was calling me to do.
This was clear, HELPING ORPHANS!

"...You are the helper of the fatherless." (Psalm 10:14)

God told me to hold a party in honor of Chrissie! It was such an honor! We had a huge Princess Ball and dressed up and sang Chrissie happy birthday and raised $400! WOW!

Then God told me to become a Reece's Rainbow Christmas warrior. God managed to use me to raise another $1500 :)

Just recently God sent 3 amazing girls into my life! Ashley, Savana and Mackenzie are from differant parts of the US but all have sisters with Down Syndrome :)

God used us to create an organsiation 'to love the unloved' to help find homes for orphans with Down syndrome. We also fundraise for families adopting. So far God has pulled together an army who has raised over $200 just since the start of 2011!

If I did not read Lorraine's blog on the 28th of April none of this would be happening!
God used Chrissie to show me how to Boss my heart, just like she did!

God also sent Chrissie's big sister, Mattie into my life to show me that being young doesn't mean we can't change the world.

Thank you Mattie, for being such a sweet friend, showing me that ALL is possible even if we are young, and for being such an insperation to all! I love you, girl!

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.”  1 Timothy 4:12
Boss your heart <3

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