Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Than Enough

The Patterson Family, 2012

Many thanks to Anastasia for making this video of our family and ministry. 

Matt and I have been home just over a week now, and it’s felt so good to be with our Texas children.  Gosh, how we missed them during our 25-day Ukrainian stay.  But our family doesn’t quite feel complete since our newest sons remain in Ukraine, waiting for the mandatory 10-day post-court wait to pass so we can complete the adoption process and bring our boys HOME!!!

I think our bodies/brains have finally adjusted to the 8-hour time difference, but it’ll all change again in a matter of days since Matt and I will be heading back to Ukraine this Sunday, Feb. 12.   Our bodies/brains will once again need to adjust to being 8 hours ahead of Texas time.   We’ll have to once again walk away from 9 lovies in our home in Texas.  We’ll have to once again travel 30+ hours to get to our newest lovies.  When compared to what Christ has done for us, our little sacrifices seem so miniscule, yet so overwhelming at the same time.  While we wrestle with the many requirements of international adoption, we rest in the peace that He is more than enough. 

Thank you, Jesus, for always being more than enough.  Thank you for providing abundantly for our family.  Thank You for all those You have raised up to support us in this journey, for those who have prayed (and continue to pray) for us, for those who have donated, for those who have provided meals, for those who have faithfully loved us and encouraged us (and continue to do so) on this path.  Thank you, Jesus, for your many reminders that indeed, You are more than enough.

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