Friday, February 17, 2012

Counting the Days

Dad, Mom, Cooper, Conner

Just two more days until we head to Ukraine to begin the last part of the process to get these two cuties home!  We’ll be leaving Sunday, Feb. 19, for Ukraine, and we can hardly wait to wrap our arms around Cooper and Conner.


Please pray that our judge really does return to Kremenchuk Feb. 20, and that he corrects the error on the adoption decree the same day.  This must happen Feb. 20 in order for us to begin the necessary steps Feb. 21 toward bringing these boys home.  There are a number of things that must be done in Kremenchuk, and the very first step can only be done on Tuesdays, so that’s why it’s vital that the adoption decree get corrected and completed Monday, Feb. 20.


Based upon the timelines of the last two American families who adopted from Kremenchuk, we will be in Ukraine a total of 14 days for this final trip.  Of course, we’re praying it will go faster, but both of the two prior families spent two weeks there on the final trip, so we’re expecting the same timeline.  Praying that it’s not any longer than two weeks, that’s for sure!!!


I need to do a post about refeeding syndrome and the risks for our boys, but I don’t have time right now.  If you’re interested in learning about this, just google it.    Our boys are at high risk of refeeding syndrome, particularly Conner (the smaller boy), so please keep them in prayer that they’ll be just fine without any refeeding issues.  I’ll share more about it when I have more time.


Thank you all for praying and supporting us.  We’re so blessed by you!

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