Tuesday, February 28, 2012

He Does All Things Well

Krem, final trip, day 9 019


We received word today that both boys’ passports will be ready Thursday!!!!  Praise Him; He does all things well!!!  Our awesome facilitator has come up with a fabulous plan that will get us back to Texas Saturday!!!


Krem, final trip, day 9 022


Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will spring the boys from their orphanage forever!!!  Yes, February 29, Leap Day, will be our official “Gotcha Day”!   That seems very fitting for this adoption, since there have been so many unusual twists and turns, it seems very appropriate that Leap Day would be our Gotcha Day!!!  This has definitely been a leap of faith!


Krem, final trip, day 9 029


We have our adoption interview with the US Embassy in Kiev (for the boys to receive visas to come to the US) Thursday at 10AM; however, the passports won’t be ready for pick-up until Thursday morning in Kremenchuk and Poltava.  So, our facilitator (did I mention how awesome she is?) arranged with the US Embassy for us to have our interview anyway, and our facilitator’s husband will pick up the passports in Kremenchuk and Poltava for us!  He will fax a copy of the passports to our facilitator so we can at least have that.


Krem, final trip, day 9 013


The boys will have their medical exam (required by the US) Thursday at Noon.  We’ll use the faxed passport copies for that, as well, and then pick up the infamous sealed packet (internationally adopted kiddos must enter the US with a sealed packet from the medical examiner…the packet must not be tampered with in any way, not even peeked at by the adoptive parents!) once we have the real passports in hand.


Krem, final trip, day 9 017

If Cooper had it his way,  he’d have his face about 3-5” from the iPad at all times.  Yes, we plan to have his vision checked. Smile


We’ll go back to the US Embassy Friday afternoon at 2PM for the final interview/approval, where we’ll obtain the boys’ visas, and then we’ll be cleared to head to TEXAS!!!!!!!


We’ll take the first flight out, which will be Saturday morning, and that will put us in Texas Saturday night!!!  It’s about 30 hours of travel, but with the 8 hour time loss going into Texas, we’ll still arrive in the same day that we leave Kiev!


So, we ask for your prayers to continue.  Pray us HOME!!!  To God be all the glory, for He does all things well.



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