Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Visit in 23 Days!

This morning we went to the notary to sign the official petition to take the boys to America.

Kremenchuk Day 2 final trip 001


After signing the petition, we got to visit the boys!!!  We were so excited to get to see them again.  23 days is far too long to not visit or have any contact with them.  Here’s the video from our first steps into the boys’ groupa/room:

Footage from our first steps into the boys’ groupa after 23 days of not visiting.


The boys remembered us!!!  Cooper immediately crawled to us, and Conner began making noises in the play crib.  (Conner doesn’t usually make sounds!)  Both boys hugged us tightly.  Having their fingers wrapped around our necks melted our hearts.  Oh how we love these precious boys!!!


Kremenchuk Day 2 final trip 007

Kremenchuk Day 2 final trip 010


Kremenchuk Day 2 final trip 006

Kremenchuk Day 2 final trip 005


We only got to visit for about 10-15 minutes, but it was so worth it, no matter how short the visit.  The boys felt so light after being home and lifting Selah and Kiefer.  They literally felt like we were lifting play dolls, not 6-year-olds.  I’m so curious to see how much they weigh.


Here’s another short video I took as we sat with the boys in their groupa for our short visit.  We had an appointment with the orphanage director, so we had to hurry with our visit, but it was just so good to hug and love on Cooper and Conner.  So blessed by these sweeties!

Cooper and Daddy reuniting after 23 days of not visiting, sitting on the couch in the boys’ groupa.


We spent the afternoon completing more paperwork.  Many of you have asked when we’ll get to take the boys out of the orphanage for good.  The answer would normally be right NOW, but our boys are in a little different situation due to their high risk of refeeding syndrome.


Refeeding syndrome is best explained HERE, but, in a nutshell, our boys can die in a matter of 3-5 days if we introduce different foods/nutrients/calories into their diet without close monitoring with blood tests and the assistance of medical personnel trained in refeeding syndrome.


We don’t know the exact weights of the boys, but they’re both severely malnourished.  They are both 6-years-old, but the size of 12-18 month olds.  Conner is the smaller of the two boys, and he probably weighs between 12-14 pounds.  Cooper probably weighs around 20-24 pounds.


Because both boys are at such high risk of developing refeeding symdrome, our pediatrician recommended we keep the boys at the orphanage until the very last minute to reduce the risk of refeeding syndrome.  Any change in the boys’ diet can cause refeeding syndrome, and death can occur rapidly (as well as seizures and other issues), so the less change in their diets before we get to the US (where we have medical care to deal with this) is best.  Our pediatrician is working with our local children’s hospital  and nutritionist to develop a care plan for both boys once they’re in the US, but for now, the safest place for the boys to remain is in the orphanage where their diet will remain the same and be consistent with what they’ve known for 6 years.


As hard as it is for us to leave the boys in the orphanage when they could be with us, we know this decision is in their best interest.  Of course it’s in our nature to want to feed the boys healthy food and do what we feel would nurse them back to health, but in reality, what we want to do would most likely end up killing them!!!  Isn’t that crazy?!?!  To think that feeding them healthy food could give them seizures and heart failure boggles my mind, but knowing this is truth helps me feel peace in leaving the boys in the orphanage until it’s time to go back to Kiev to get the required medical exam and visit with the US Embassy to receive approval and visas to travel.


So, for now, we will continue to visit the boys twice/day at the orphanage while we wait for their passports to be processed and available for pick-up.  We’re told the date we’ll be able to pick up the passports is Tuesday, Feb. 29, the day we’ll spring the boys from the orphanage, pick up the passports, and head to Kiev.  We’ll have to spend 3 days in Kiev, then the boys should have visas to head back to Texas!  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, praise the Lord!!!


Please keep the boys in your prayers that they would not have issues with refeeding syndrome, that their transition would be smooth, and that we will be united in Texas as a family SOON!!!


Thanks for your prayers, support, and encouragement!

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