Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Travel Change!

We were just notified that we will NOT be going to Ukraine this Sunday, February 12, as originally planned. 


Our facilitator found an error in our court adoption decree that must be corrected before we are able to proceed.  Unfortunately, our judge is the only authority who is able to correct the error, and our judge is currently traveling abroad.  (Our amazing facilitator even consulted with the Supreme Court of Ukraine to try to get this issue corrected, but nothing can/will be done until our judge returns to Kremenchuk and corrects the mistake he made in the decree.)


Our facilitator is working to find out exactly when our judge is expected to return to Ukraine.  She said it will not be prior to February 20.


We know God is sovereign over this change.  As hard as it is for our human flesh to fathom this delay, we fully trust in God’s sovereignty.  God has HUGE things in store for Cooper and Conner, and Satan is relentless.  Our Abba Father loves these boys even more than we do, and there is not one day that passes that is not within the sovereignty of God, which gives us great peace in the absence of understanding.


Please continue to pray for protection of Cooper and Conner, for them to remember us and our love for them, for them to know in their spirits that we ARE coming for them.  We will not leave them as orphans, just as our Father has not left us as orphans (John 14:18).  Pray that our judge returns to Kremenchuk quickly, and that he corrects the problem quickly.

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