Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kisses from Chrissie

Look closely and you'll see a double rainbow.

Remember how God always spoke to us in rainbows regarding Chrissie?

Today as Matt and I were driving home together after a day of errands (and work for Matt), Chrissie spoke boldly to our hearts.  We've both (Matt and I) been quite emotional lately.  Really missing Chrissie.  (September 19 was 4 months since Chrissie went to Heaven.)

Chrissie knows we're really missing her.  She may even see our tears at times.  So today, bless her precious heart, she wanted to lift our spirits by sending us huge hugs and kisses from Heaven.

A double rainbow stretched over Wimberley this afternoon.  We took photos with our phones since we didn't have a camera in the car.  I'm amazed that the photos turned out, and so grateful for the opportunity to catch the rainbows in pics.  (Wimberley residents...the photo above is right by Deer Creek.)

This is the road that leads to our subdivision.  The rainbow touched down at the top of the hill directly in the center of the road.  We couldn't help but drive directly into it.  If you look closely, the double rainbow is still there, just very faint in this photo.

And look at how bold the colors are, captured with a phone camera!
This is the same road (that leads to our house) where God placed the rainbow that spoke peace to my heart before Chrissie's open-heart surgery.  Isn't God so kind to place another rainbow in the same location to remind us of His promise and fill our hearts with joy, Christyn Joy, sent straight from Heaven to give us angel kisses?!?  (Chrissie's not an angel, she's a saint in Heaven now, but we always called her our precious angel.)

So I wanted to take a moment to share Chrissie's kisses with you when God gave me this feeling that there was supposed to be something more with this post.

 Remember how God used Reece's Rainbow (special needs orphan advocacy) to bring Chrissie to our family?  (The word "rainbow", as in Reece's Rainbow, is yet another way God used rainbows to speak to us regarding Chrissie.)

Well, I think Chrissie wants YOU and ME to help another orphan.  A Reece's Rainbow orphan.  A 3-year-old girl named Yulia who is in Ukraine.  Yulia has a shortened life span, just like Chrissie.  We cannot let Yulia die an orphan.  We have to pray for God to send Yulia a family so He can fulfill His promise in John 14:18, "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you."  Remember, the rainbow is a reminder of His promise, His covenant.  Yulia needs YOU.  She not only needs your prayers, but she needs your financial gift so that when a family steps up to adopt her, they won't be hindered by the financial burden of up front adoption costs, which will be about $25,000.  My bloggy friend, Adeye, is advocating for Yulia.  You'll want to read her post HERE.  Then you'll want to donate via Adeye's Chip-In button for Yulia.  And, if you donate before October 6, you'll be entered in Adeye's giveaway for a FREE iPad!!!

Yulia needs YOU!  Please donate, pray and spread the word!

Together we can stretch God's rainbow to Yulia! 
It's His promise.
John 14:18

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