Monday, September 27, 2010

$510 More Dollars to Raise for Yulia!!!

Are you as blown away as I am that sweet Yulia's adoption fund only needs $510 more dollars to meet the goal of $20K?!?!
 God has lifted up an army of financial donors who have so generously given to help save Yulia!!!
I have no clue who all has donated to Yulia's adoption fund; it may  not even be a single person who has donated in memory of Chrissie.  It doesn't matter WHO is donating or WHY, it matters that people are caring about Yulia and showing that her life matters.  If any of you reading this blog have donated to help save Yulia, I want to thank you.  Thank you for caring about a girl who is only known as an orphan right now.  We pray that Yulia will soon be CHOSEN by an earthly family who will change the orphan status to ADOPTED.  Yulia's life matters.  She is precious in His sight.  Who will answer the call to adopt Yulia?!?
Would you please spread the word to try to raise the last $510 for Yulia?!? 
Once the $20K goal is reached, we can focus our prayers solely on uniting Yulia with her forever family!
Donate to Yulia's adoption fund by clickin on the ChipIn below.
Thank you for helping live out James 1:27 and John 14:18.
Your heart for the orphan as you live out pure and undefiled religion will change Yulia's life forever.

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